Open Air / 3
"Shakedelic" 31 Dec '08, 18:00
Kikx (Purple Hexagon Rec. / Looney Moon Rec. - Italy ) [purplehexagon.com]
Abstract (Darkmoonproduction - Indonesia)
Morning Star (Om Project - Singapore) [myspace.com]
Psynoramix (Darkmoonproduction - Switzerland)
Babacool (Darkmoonproduction - Switzerland) [myspace.com]
Yore (Darkmoonproduction - Switzerland) [myspace.com]
3HM (Osirion Records - France/Singapore) [osirionrecords.com] / [myspace.com]
Shanti Trip (Germany) [myspace.com]
and more...
Halcyon (Om Project - Singapore) [myspace.com]
Greshniky (Russia)
fluorescent decoration by Darkmoon Production and Lasershow by Psynoramix (Switzerland)
Since 4 years we are celebrating psychedelic events on this tiny natural island in Indonesia.
It will be a little party for newyearseve on the beach in a beautyfull enviroment with lots of fluorescent decorations and an international Line up!
But Gili Air is not only a party location, it is the perfect place to spend your holiday or relax in a hazzlefree atmosphere from your travel!

for more informations about the location and party please check:


or contact us:


on the beach of Gili Air, a tiny island between Bali and Lombok. Fly to Denpasar (Bali), take Bus to Padang Bai and the boat (Perama) to Gili Air, or fly to Mataram (Lombok), take a bus to Bangsal and small boat to Gili Air!
Entry fee
Entry fee
free entry!
Babacool and Darkmoon Production
081 237 87254 (indonesian phonenumber!)
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