Shades of Psy - PSY STEIN 12 Jan '18, 22:00
Party flyer: Shades of Psy - PSY STEIN 12 Jan '18, 22:00
Line Up
LIVE Sets by:

>>> Genetic Source <<<
(Sun Department Rec, Germany)

>>> Hytopp <<<
(Tropfstein, Germany)

DJ Sets by:

>>> LionHard aka Jonny F Ketz <<<
(ov-silence Music, Upward Records, Macedonia)


Complete line up / info soon... ;)


From Various Reasons, We Decided To Cancel The Cooperation with the guys who wanted to bring Out of Range to Hamburg.

Our Love & Respect to Out of Range. We will bring him some other time to perform on our event :)
Juice Club
Stresemannstr. 204
22769 Hamburg
Psy Re-Evolution
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