SdP / BaSs -- PsY ParTy BenEfiT** 22 Jul '17, 22:00
Party flyer: SdP / BaSs -- PsY ParTy BenEfiT** 22 Jul '17, 22:00
Line Up
SdP Crew & BaSs + FriEnDs !!

Line Up & Time Table

22h-23h30 Maka Baobab ( SdP ) - Ethno Trance / Zenon Dj Set

23h30-1h Macumba ( Toltek ) - Progressive Full On Dj Set

1h-2h30 s'Kyzoku ( Bass ) - Full On Dj Set

2h30-4h Indika ( Bass ) - New School Goa Dj Set

4h-5h30 Fref ( SdP ) - Dark Psy Forest Dj Set

5h30-7h Frounch ( SdP/ALgK ) - Dark Psy Forest Live

7h-8h30 Forest Gump - Dark Psy Forest Dj Set

8h30-10h DroneScape Vs Ruben Voïd (tbc) - Drone Xp Ambient Live
SdP / ALgK
+ BaSs & BrutaAL
& MorE FriEndz (tbc)
--Full Sound 5Kw - ChEapZ Bar - FooD & DrinkS + Chill OuT Z0ne*--

Easy Parking & Transport (Vilvorde City)

Love Benefit Family For a Futur Free Open Air Party In September!!

Respect You , Location + 6Tem & Crewz

^^Private Family Party^^ <---150 RoBots DanCeR mAx--->

(( 5€ only ))

!! Rave In Peace !!

InFo: ChecK On the Flyers..^^
Wild White Mountain*
Entry fee
Entry fee
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