SAVE THE FREAKS! II Edition 23 Jun '07, 20:00
Party flyer: SAVE THE FREAKS! II Edition 23 Jun '07, 20:00
Line Up

::: ITAITAIKO (Israel / Quantic Chill Rec)

Itaitaiko is the side project of Kukan Dub Lagan, this Israeli artist will present his new album "A little Different", his Progressive Music is really refreshing and original, he travelled around the globe to propose his music in the most underground psychedelic partys

::: GOMA (CH / Nandan Rec)

Goma is Renato Schnyder one of the greatest Swiss Uplifting Psytrance producer, producing quality music since 2002 and djing since 1998, we are great to welcome him in Ticino for the first time!

::: KODAMA WAT (Ireland / BMSS )
Born in Ireland Mike(Kodana Wat) is currently thrashing dance floors around Europe with his latest live set, the distinctive quirky and chunky Kodama Wat sound leaves a lasting impression wherever it is experienced. This up and coming artist is set to become one of the pioneers in the Goa scene.

::: VOLU-MEN (Germany / Tribal Tools)

Berlin is the hometown of the Live Act Volu-men performed by Nick and Julie. They play bass, drum machine, synth and guitar live and perform a mix of psy and progressive pumping beats and basslines. They have released different tracks on different compilations

::: MASTER MARGHERITA (CH / Peak Records)

Master Margherita is well known for his magical downtempo ambient dj sets, but when it is time to go on the dancefloor he sort out a really beautifull musicscape which makes you smiling and moving your legs like crazy with his progressive and psychedelic sound

::: RASAEL & Hervé (CH / Evercoming Productions)

A very talented young artist well appreciated in Switzerland and close countries, he will spin his refreshing full-on music

::: VIMAL(CH / Space Connection)

One of the people who created the psychedelic movement in Ticino, Dj Vimal organised the legendary partys in the Castle of Mesocco with the Space Connection Crew, his is spinning music as dj since already more then 10 years, now presenting his new live project, not to miss!


Hallucinogenolosaliens is the harder side project of this eclectik swiss producer , head of the Creative Anarchy Crew, this live act has already been tested on many dancefloors and welcomed by jumping people totally tripping, a whole bunch of new songs will be presented

intro by

::: X-CESS (CH / Rototec Prod. / Electrovibez) Celebrating his birthday

::: RAIJIN GAIJIN (Israel / MikelaBella records)

::: BOOM SHANKAR(Germany / BMSS / VillaNachtanz)

::: S-MUTANS (CH / D.A.R.K Records)

::: PSYSMAEL (CH / SKS / Creative Anarchy)

::: RV (CH / Creative Anarchy)

::: Mr.SMOKE (CH / Creative Anarchy)
Soundscape Chillers & Progressive Catalyzers:

>Chill Out Floor transforming in progressive floor during the night time<


::: KUKAN DUB LAGAN (Israel / MikelaBella records)

Itay Berger is a 31 years old Israli Producer, he just released Kukan Dub Lagan new album ‘’Rasta Ina Rasta Step’’.
KUKAN-DUB-LAGAN is a combination of three separate words : KUKAN, which means “space” in japanese; DUB which represents the music style; and, LAGAN, comes from the word “ba-lagan” which in hebrew means “chaos”. The music style can be best described as psy-chill free dub. In more simple words “sunshine music for smiling people” !!

After the successful release and sold out of his debut album ”Life Is Nice” his new album consists of 12 previously unreleased tracks

His music take the listener into a dub journey , starting with mellow and soft melodies under the dub rhythm . High quality sound, fat dub basslines and Reggae Deep Vocals keep the spirit of old school dub. Kukan Dub Lagan has already performed live on many parties & festivals around the globe.

::: ASTRAL GNOMIX ( CH / Other World Reaktor Rec )



::: MASTER MARGHERITA (CH / Peak Records / Electrik Dream Rec)

Moreno Antognini is the world well known DownBeat Dj, he just released his debut album "Mastura" on Electrik Dream Records.

Precursor, lover of new auditory formulas, this enlightened musician edits his sonic metamorphosis solo and tickles the substance considered as the seat of intellectual faculties. His ingenious dubnbass improvisations send us to those unexplored parts of the brain. Royal, magnificient, Master Margherita overflows with intelligent creativity and excels in the production of concrete abstraction. Obstinated,hard worker, this speculator of electronic sinuosities could relate to an action painter,totally invested in a daring artistic elaboration,revelatory of new dream spaces.

::: STRIX (CH / D.A.R.K. Records)

::: ARCHITEKT(CH / Verteilt)

::: CARSTUS MINIMUS (Germany / BMSS / Jamas)

::: ALEXSOPH VS BOOM SHANKAR (Germany / BMSS / Tanztee)

::: BREKKI (Germany / BMSS / Tanztee)

::: COSMICWALKERS ( GERMANY / [] ) from Full-moon Party and others big events

::: JAMAS (Germany / BMSS)

::: NEONOVY (Germany / BMSS)

::: INFECTED DAVID (CH / David Design)

::: PSYCHEDELICSIS (creative-Anarchy / String Research / CH)
It's gonna be a spiritual, natural, musical, universal, magical, mystical, sinchronized, multi-dimensional Open Air

Special Meeting!

10 Kw Crystal Clear Soundsystem! by Wermelinger Sound, Chaishop ( by Indiaroger [] ), Bar, Camping area, shops......friendly people, cosmic energy, good mood.......
One or two things to make it easyer for us!

it is in the same location of the last year which is a bothanical park! An amazing place, really incredible and is a unique opportunity to do a party in such a place, normally it wouldn't be possible, all permissions are there...

because of that everybody should be more respectfull of the nature and the place then normal, so pleace put everytime the trash in the right place, do not throw trash in the nature even by walking up in the park, please park the cars and your camping car and caravans outside the park zone, do not use the parking of the park.

there is a camping place but is just for tents!

Don't bring glass bottles!!!! It is better not to bring dogs, but it is not forbidden....

Respect the nature, the others and yourself!

Normally in this period of the year the weather is great, with sun an a temperature about 20-24 degress during the day and 16-18 during the night!


By Plane:

the nearest Airport is Milano Malpensa, then you take the bus to Lugano Station, goes to the city, take a bus to Carona Village, then walk 20 minutes to the party location.last bus goes up from Lugano early, so come early, check up in []

By Train:
Train to Lugano, then go to the city, take the bus to Carona Village then walk 20 minutes to the party location.last bus goes up from Lugano early, so come early, check up in []

By Car:

Go to Ticino, take the highway exit "Lugano Sud", follow sign in direction CARONA, if you don't find signs to Carona, the direction is Lugano, Paradiso, Pazzallo, Carabbia, the last Village is Carona, park near the swimming Pool, there are 3 big parking places, don't park the botanic park! Road will be blocked. from the parking the party is 15 minutes by foot far.

A causa di avvenimenti recenti avvenuti in Ticino in alcuni party e per rispetto verso gli artisti che vivono della loro musica e degli investimenti importanti degli organizzatori e per tutto il movimento psychedelico, la sicurezza verrà aumentata al nostro party, le persone che verranno scoperte sul dancefloor o nella zona del party senza biglietto valido dovranno pagare 50.- o 40 euro di multa.


Carona, 15 minutes from Lugano. In the Botanical Park of San Grato
Entry fee
Entry fee
30.- 20 euros
FREAK TIME PRODUCTION(ex SKS), BMSS, Creative Anarchy & Friends
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