Samadhi-International guest Pzychobiz · 5 May 2018 · Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)


Samadhi-International guest Pzychobiz

Over: 4y 3m
Line Up
Line Up
☢ Goon ☢ A young DJ from HCMC, GOON !!! and A great talent from Mix Us Happy Viet Nam 2017. GOON has always been a passionate artist that never hesitates to give the best of himself during the show.
GOON has the potential and skills to become a renowned pro DJ and perform in the best clubs all around. He has performed at the famous weekly event ENGR at MayCay Bistro in HCMC. With music special ability in Trance, Psy Trance, GOON will bring you to amazing and excited night with his music.

☢ Pzychobiz ☢

She discovered psytrance sometime around 2008 and was immediately captivated by its energy, characters and colour. Hundreds of parties and hangovers later, Nun became a driving force in Bangkok's Ooze Bar(closed since 2014), Moon Mountain gatherings in Kanchanburi and now the new party project in North of Thailand called Magic Mountain, connecting and engaging with like-minded people from around the globe. One of the friendliest, funniest and outgoing characters in Thailand's psytrance community, Nun has showcased her many talents at countless parties and in almost every capacity possible. By 2014, having now organised and promoted events around the country, there was probably only one place at a party that Nun had not been seen - behind the decks! Following years of pressure from friends, she has finally relented and been convinced to pick up the sweaty headphones and lend her infectious laughter, immense positivity and infinite warmth to the DJ world. Whilst a relative newcomer to the controls, Nun's years of mis-spent youth on Thailand's island and city dancefloors, and involvement at so many get-togethers and festivals, ensure she definitely knows how to rock a party (be it with music or Jagermeister... or both!). A true larger than life character and one of the scene's most valuable and hardworking members, Pzychobiz is now ready to elbow the crusty blokes out of the booths and sprinkle a bit of her own magic on dancefloor proceedings.

☢ Andromed ☢ ARCAN’s event manager, discovers free TeKno parties and then the psytrance world and fall in love with it. He starts to learn how to dj and is formed by Transubtil association and Hadra (where he meets with the ARCAN brothers) among KokMok, Ayaska and Shred'er. He had the pleasure to do some gigs from Paris to Lille and Marseille. He expanded recently into live production in the psychedelic universe on the border of forest.
236/43/21 Điện Biên Phủ ward 17, Binh Thanh district, HCMC
10pm-12am: 50.000 vnd
12am-4am: 100.000 vnd
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