samadhi - dj doombringer - soma ritual records (india) · 21 Apr 2018 · Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

samadhi - dj doombringer - soma ritual records (india)

Party Flyer samadhi - dj doombringer - soma ritual records (india) 21 Apr '18, 22:00
Party Flyer samadhi - dj doombringer - soma ritual records (india) 21 Apr '18, 22:00
Line Up
Line Up
DJ Doombringer (India)
DJ Niskala
DJ Thorley
░░░░░░░░░ ॐ SAMADHI ॐ ░░░░░░░░░

Samadhi is the new Psytrance night concept by Arcan : 100% Psytrance with always an international Guest supported by the local finest Saigoneer DJ.

Samadhi is derived from the Sanskrit, sama, meaning "together," and dhi, meaning "mind." Its most basic definition implies a complete state of concentration. For a practitioner of yoga and for a disciple of meditation, the spiritual significance of samadhi is much more profound. Simply stated, samadhi is the mind's ultimate state of being; it is enlightenment and the preliminary state to nirvana.

Our special guest for this edition is DJ Doombringer from India, and he will honored Arcan with his presence and a 4 hours psychedelic Psytrance set. Supported by DJ Niskala and DJ Thorley, Connections with the higher forces will be total.

░░░░░░░░░ ॐ LINE UP ॐ ░░░░░░░░░

▶ 10 PM - 11:30 PM : DJ NISKALA

with 20 years of experience at underground events all over Europe, Saigon based Swiss DJ Niskala loves to see dancing crowds. As a lover of melodic and catchy progressive sounds.


DoomBringer is Mind and Project of Karthik AJ . A Native From the Coffee Paradise of India Coorg , Growing up in the Hi tech City of India Bangalore , Karthik was First Introduced to Electronic Music in the Form of Commercial Electronic Dance Music , Gaining knowlegde on Music Production was Something which was In His Blood and he Took the Next Step of Production after being Introduced to Fast Psy Trance by his own Research .

Selecting Tracks , Rejecting Tracks , Sync Formation , Loop Bends , Filter Movement , beat matching are some of the main Ingredients to deliver a perfect mix on the console , Quality is one of the Main Aspects this Project is focussed on .

DoomBringer is the Founder and Label Manager for SomA Ritual Records, is also a Active Label Artist for Kamayura Records , Popol Vuh Records And Voodoo Hoodoo Records .

We hope you Enjoy this Dark and Fast Journey into the Dimension of Enlightment . Let the Music Speak For itself . !



☮2013 - Horror Tech Mechanica - Compiled By Antiriz and Doombringer

☮2014 - Transcendental Analysis - Compiled By Doombringer

☮2015 - Smiling Through Your Horror Times - Compiled By Mr Hades and DoomBringer

☮2016 - Feb - Techno Shamans - Compiled By BolonYokte and Doombringer

☮2016 - May - Trimurti - Compiled By MuckyPuh and Izar and Doombringer

☮2016 - March - Spiritual Redemption - Part 1- Compiled By Doombringer

☮2016 - 31st July - Disaster Recovery - Compiled By Natural Disaster and Doombringer

☮August 2016 - Spiritual Redemption - Part 2 - Compiled By Doombringer

☮Sep 2016 - The Yodhas - Compiled By DoomBringer

☮Oct - 2016 - Spiritual Redemption - Part 3 - Compiled By DoomBringer

☮Oct - 2016 - Frequency Oscillations Compiled By DoomBringer

☮Dec 27 th - 666 - The Horror Magicians - Complied By Doombinger

☮Feb 13 , 2017 - KarKal - Compiled By Kalpitha and DoomBringer

☮April 3rd 2017 -VA- Kalpitha -Vol 1 - Compiled by DoomBringer - Soma Ritual Records

☮May 3rd 2017 - Va - Kalpitha Vol2 - Compiled By DoomBringer

☮May 14 th 2017 - VA - The Ritual - Compiled By DoomBringer - Kamayura Records

Bom Bholenath !!:)

▶ 4:30 AM - 6 AM : DJ THORLEY

Thorley is a rising name, born and raised in Saigon, Viet Nam. Started from 2015, he has amplified a career from the passionate crowd in front of him, also with the help of being surrounded by many enthusiasts and talented fellas. Furthermore, Thorley’s dream has been realised in no small part due to his massive effort. Also, Thorley was one of the most favorited students at Kool Studio and he is recently working as an instructor from Pioneer DJ Vietnam Center (HCM).

The diversity of Thorley’s music style is one of the element which create an accent himself, from thrilling dance floor sounds to chilling at the beach music.

Despite the fact that “with age comes wisdom”, the 2 year-experienced DJ has successfully proved that travel broadens the mind by having many gigs at various venues both inside and outside the city including Coco Beachcamp in Binh Thuan, joining the stage with Kid Massive - a well-known DJ in Denmark, Stolen Vibes party in Saigon, Rave Class 420, Soul Sonic Show and many more. Also, Thorley has two residencies at Hair Of The Dog Bar 2 and Upper Saigon - two favorited clubs in town. With fully loaded USBs at the ready and the creativity in abundance, Thorley continues set the crowd’s heart on fire wherever he goes.
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