Ree.K 4 hour Ceremony Goa Trance Set 31 March@The Place · 31 Mar 2018 · Athens (Greece)

Ree.K 4 hour Ceremony Goa Trance Set 31 March@The Place

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The Place Proudly Present Tokyo Tekno Tribe's Finest

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In terms of artistry, this lady knows no borders and is, in a positive sense un-catogorizable. When DJ’ing or composing she treads her own terrain.

She is Queen of her own un-touched planet styled from eclectic musical elements that she instinctively feels she can fuse into her own super-dimension. An astoundingly beautiful electronic patchwork quilt of sound is Ree K.

Chronologically, her resume reads… music career begins in ’84, active as a DJ from ’92, her original party organization [Space Gathering] was set up in ’97 and an electronic music band [Kinocosmo] formed in ’98.

She released her own DJ mix CD [Cubism] in 2001 and started her own label in 2002 called [Hypnodisk].

and released two mix CD [Alpha] and [Omega] in 2006.

Ree K will never stop pushing herself further and deeper into the many dimensions of music.

REE.K (texy by Mark Richard)

REE.K although one of the most famous female DJ in Japan is also respected worldwide for her unique and original sound sets!
As a teenager she began her musical career as a guitarist in a hardcore punk band. So her music even today sometimes has a hardcore edge with a female touch while remaining fun and danceable. In the early 80s she discovered the bouncing track style of recording which drove her deeply into the world of DJ production. She then began to create her own unique club music in the early 90s as a techno and body industrial DJ. In 1992 she discovered techno/trance and since then has been performing this style in her own unique way.
She then joined DJ Tsuyoshi’s label Matsuri Productions as resident DJ. Ree.K has a wide influence of music and styles and has been collecting a diverse and rare variety of music from around the world which she continuously blends into her own unique dance beat.
As a creator she has released her own tracks on the world wide label Psy-Harmonics (Australia), KREMBO (Isreal), Matsuri (Japan), Qube (UK), and Boom Records (Holland).
In 2002 she started her own label with husband Masa called Hypnodisk. This label is sure to become a forefront of her own musical diversification as well as a that of other artists.
Recently as a cofounder of her own band Kinocosmo with Masa she is in charge of musical production, programming, and spacey voice. This band has allowed her to enjoy playing live once again as she used to in her early days and is sure to become a phenomenon on the rock/electronica live stage.
Along with her great music talent she was originally a VJ(with Equinox and TTT Records), now she is also a professional illustrator and graphic designer since the late 80s and thoroughly enjoys creating her own party flyers, CD covers, and eye catching graphics.
Ree.K seems to express diverse musical tastes through her so-called trance DJ sets and music making. Since trance is an element that could possibly exist in any musical genre Ree.K can successfully express her own kind of trance through many different musical styles. Through whichever musical style she plays she has a loyal following of people who appreciate and understand good quality dance music.
Ree.K is a natural at concocting her own style of trance from a variety of music. She combines her vast musical knowledge and excellent mixing technique to always gets the dance floor moving and grooving to a sound that is simply GENIUS!

Born in Corfu ( GR )
Achilleas Dimitracopoulos
began his musical attempts
as a youngster been a fanatic
collector of vinyl and cds .

This helped him to shape a circular thinking around
Electronica and therefore proceed as been a party
thrower into various places .

It was only natural music production to take place
so after his graduation on
CGA he bought his first
equipment and start
composing some beats .

To make the long story short
add a lot of luck, dedication
and hard work made him releasing his virginal debut
as a full length album on the mighty Yellow Sunshine Explosion .

His “Air” album became an instant sold out seller which drove him into producing / releasing imprints on several V/As of the label along with
another banging EP on
Tribal Vision and another
album “ Back Home “ .

Mixes as his moniker Fog
appeared also at labels such as Iboga / Shivlink / and Open as well .

Elastic is a project that’s taking his time before making the next move since the same thing after all these years stands the same.

Love and care about music and audience .


Yellow Sunshine Explosion / Tribal Vision / Spiral Trax / Ovnimoon
The Place -Made in Athens-
kleisovis 10
10677 Athens
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7 euro + beer
The Place -Made in Athens-
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