Raindance for the Amazon: Experimental Music Edition · 20 Sep 2019 · Berlin (Germany)


Raindance for the Amazon: Experimental Music Edition

Over: 2y 8m
Line Up
Secret artist to be confirmed!

So far announced-

*inwuwei vs oroboro
*der sandmann
*alien laser baby
*dugis fisbk
To be added ")
Soli Party - 100% of proceeds to Amazon forest!

So we are organizing a soli party on the 20th of September in KulturHaus Kili, to raise funds to help recover from the devastating fires that are occuring all over our Earth. We want to gather our scenes together, with the money raised directly given to responsible tribe leaders and ground workers of the fires in the Amazonian jungle. We will post the specific details of where the funds will be going later.

We are intending on this becoming a long standing project, where we can come together on a regular basis to raise awareness and money for causes which are neglected by our governments and the wealthy who are highly unreflected and unsupportive of the indigenous and primordial energies which sustain balance with our Mother Earth!

We hope that this event can help to create a community of conscious freaks who adore the darker and harder frequencies of the music spectrum in the name of love! It's incredible what we can achieve when we all come together for the greater good.

So down to the dirty details!

3 FLOORS, 20+ ARTISTS, RANGING FROM EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHEDELIC and CORE, FREE TEKNO AND BREAK/SPEEDCORE. Yes really, a party exploring some seriously extreme realms of sound design, you can thank us later.
Kulturhaus Kili

Weisenweg 5-9

Minimum- 10 euros!
Raindance collective.

New synergy of freaks from Berlin looking to create some magic.
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