ॐ RadicalFrequency Night Vol. 1 w. Yatzee, Inner Coma & more! ॐ 8 Apr '17, 22:00
Party flyer: ॐ RadicalFrequency Night Vol. 1 w. Yatzee, Inner Coma & more! ॐ 8 Apr '17, 22:00
Line Up
×××××××× RadicalFrequency Night Vol. 1 w. Yatzee, Inner Coma & more! ×××××××× [Hi-Tech Psychedelic ONLY!] [18+]

► It's time for something totally NEW!

Thats why 3 motivated Psy Fraggle's (Hyperscope, Flamyyy & GlitchPunk) decided, to bring some Proper HiTech & DarkPsy Partys in ongoing Cooperation with our Friends from Free Radical Records & other friends to Austria, Germany & Switzerland!

Our first Stop will be in Austria, where also Flamyyy & Glitchpunk are based!

► Es ist an der Zeit für etwas komplett NEUES!

Aus diesem Grund entschieden sich 3 motivierte Psy Fraggle's (Hyperscope, Flamyyy & GlitchPunk), euch qualitative HiTech & DarkPsy Partys in ständiger Zusammenarbeit mit Free Radical Records & weiteren Freunden nach Österreich, Deutschland & der Schweiz zu bringen!

Der erste Halt wird in Österreich sein, wo auch Flamyyy & GlitchPunk stationiert sind!

► IN COOPERATION WITH Free Radical Records!


► AT THE DOOR: before 23:00 10€
after 23:00 15€

► DECO CONCEPT AND VISUALS BY: Medusas Dream Decoration

×××××××× RadicalFrequency Night Vol. 1 w. Yatzee, Inner Coma & more! ××××××××

××××××××xxxxxXXXXX-LINE UP-XXXXXxxxxx××××××××

✮↓Live Act´s↓✮

✮ YATZEE ✮ ll Free Radical / Masters Of Puppets Rec. • (IT) (2,0 Hrs)
Facebook ► [facebook.com]
Soundcloud ► soundcloud

►About Yatzee:
Yatzee is the psychedelic trance project of Yuri Dimitrov from Italy. Born in 1987, he started to study piano at the age of 7 and guitar at 15. In 2009 he entered in Como’s conservatory to study music technology and electroacoustic music. The project is focused on sick and futuristic sounds and high energy beats, influenced by many psytrance artists (Hallucinogen, 1200 micrograms, Cosmo, Furious, Kindzadza, The muses rapt, etc.) but also by others genres like: IDM, techno, drum and bass, dub and reggae, breakbeat and of course by electroacoustic music.

✮ INNER COMA ✮ II Free Radical Records • (POR) (2,0 Hrs)
Facebook ►https://www.facebook.com/innercomamusic/
Soundcloud ►https://soundcloud.com/innercoma

► About Inner Coma:
Inner Coma is the solo psychedelic project of Paulo Gonçalves

✮ FLAMYYY ✮ LIVE + DJ II Art Of Noise / RadicalFrequency • (AU) (2,0 Hrs)
Facebook ► [facebook.com]
Soundcloud ► soundcloud

► About Flamyyy:
Flamyyy is the Project from Matthias Salcher from Austria.
He started Djing in 2010 on some small Partys in Austria and after a few years of traveling to Festivals all over the world and also playing in Countrys like Turkey Czech and Germany finally found his style on the Hitech and Dark side of pschedelic music.
Since 2016 he is member of the Party Collective Art of Noise and also producing his own freaky energetic tunes to get your feet burning and your minds flying !

✮ GLITCHPUNK ✮ II Art Of Noise / RadicalFrequency • (AU) (2,0 Hrs)
Facebook ►https://www.facebook.com/GlitchPunkArtofNoise/
Soundcloud ►https://soundcloud.com/glitchpunkmusic

► About Glitchpunk:
Dominik Tatzreiter a.k.a. Tatzi is the name behind this project.
Grown up with various styles of music, he began his musical carreer at the early age of 15 in 2007 as a bassist in Punk/Hardcore-Bands and as a singer/songwriter in a Metalcore/Deathmetal-Band from 2008 till 2009.
In 2008 he discovered the Free Party Scene with it´s hard, stomping Teknobeats and hypnotic Acid-Synths and totally fell in love with it.
In 2010 he began to produce his first beats on a Roland MC-303 and a Korg Kaossilator Mini. This leaded to his first soloproject named "Tekkotlett23".
But in the same year he discovered his true love: Psytrance.
He started a second project in 2012, called PsyloAirlines. This time it was more focused on dj´ing. He played through many styles: from full on and twisted, to forest and darkpsy and so on. But then he found what he was looking for. A style of music wich is fast and hard and everyone on the floor is getting insane about it: HITECH PSYTRANCE.
After several times mixing hitech at parties he began to produce his first hitech-tracks in 2014.
In the year 2016 he´s got a member of Art of Noise, a young austrian Hitech-Crew, wich is organizing parties all over austria.
Now he developed his own style of sound full of glitches, breaks and massive basslines, hard and rough Teknokicks and braindrilling melodies. After finding his style he thought it´s time to change the name again. "GlitchPunk" was born.
His focus went from DJ´ing to Liveacting and he will present you his first, full 2 hours Liveset in early 2017. GlitchPunk is also working on his first EP wich is planned for late 2017/early2018.

✮ VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE ✮ LIVE + DJ II Monkey Business Rec / Masters Of Puppets / Hyprid Rec • (AU) (2,0 Hrs)
Facebook ►https://www.facebook.com/VirtualHitelligence/?fref=ts
Soundcloud ►https://soundcloud.com/virtual-intelligence

► About Virtual InTelligence:
Sebastian Schaffer from Austria is the head behind the project “Virtual Intelligence”. 2013 he started to make own partys to play his first Psy- Trance Dj-sets. In 2014 he was at his first Hitech Festival. This was the reason why he came on the fast side of psychedelic trance! Motivated and inspirited by the music he wanted to make some of this incredible stuff too. He started to produce with Ableton.
In 2015 he released his first track on Popol Vuh Rec/Tripura Yantra Rec. Half a year later he got member of his first label “Monkey Business Rec” from Germany. Soon after he was introduced in “Masters of Puppets Rec” from Austria.

✮↓DJ Act´s↓✮

✮ HYPERSCOPE ✮ ll Masters Of Puppets Rec. / Free Radical / RadicalFrequency • (DE) (2,0 Hrs)
Facebook ► [facebook.com]
Soundcloud ► [Soundcloud.com]

► About Hyperscope:
Marvin Hofmann is the name behind the DJ solo project "HyperScope" Born 01.08.93 in a small city in Germany , his first experience with psytrance events was at the age of 17 and began his career as a DJ in 2014. He has shared stages in Germany and all over Europe with many well known Underground Dark Artists.
Now he started to making his own Events & also his Production will begin soon slowly.

✮ NADA MAU ✮ ll Independent /Hitech Debut Set (2,0 Hrs) (AT)


► ORGANIZATION BY RadicalFrequency Events!


► BIRTHDAY KIDZ 08.04. + 09.04.2017 !!!ONLY!!! WITH ID 4FREE!




Medusas Dream Decoration Vienna
Griesgasse 25
8020 Graz
Entry fee
Entry fee
till 23:00 10€
from 23:00 15€
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