QuAnTuM•LeAp • Psy Trance Party • ROMA

Party flyer: QuAnTuM•LeAp • Psy Trance Party • ROMA 28 Apr '17, 22:30
Party flyer: QuAnTuM•LeAp • Psy Trance Party • ROMA 28 Apr '17, 22:30
Last Shamanic Dream presents:

· · ∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴※QuAnTuM•LeAp ∞ PsyTrance Underground Party※∵ ∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ · · @ Traffic Live

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∞ॐ SPECIAL GUEST !!! D.O.C !!! DJ-SET ॐ∞

※ D.O.C
[ D-Noir Rec ]

Dario Ricci aka D.O.C was born in Rome in 1986. Known as "D-Rix", began his career in 2008, becoming one of the resident artists of Shanti, the most important psytrance party in Roman´s scene. In 2010 he graduated as sound engineer and sound designer. In 2014 he give at "DOC" his live project, the result of 'production extremism of psychedelic electronic music, surrounded by sounds' and rhythmic obscure and complex. Over the years, Dario has played in numerous party in Italy and abroad in the company of internationally renowned artists.

[ Macky Mad House Records MMHR ]

Hadron is the project of Luca Storace. He is a Producer and DJ from Rome. Luca moved his first steps into the underground electronica in the Londoner scene in 1997, where he goes every summer and the passion for that climax grows. It is in 2005 that he starts with the Psytrance movement and begins his projects as DJ and Producer as his fascination with that environment continues and together with his cousin Notek, and friends such as Trimsix (RIP)* and Ishdub, they create a crew ('nditina dub family) that organises Parties.
His evolution as DJ and Producer gradually evolves to a point that his sets are receiving excellent dancefloor response.
Luca played in many open air events and indoor in winter, but his emotions were unforgettable in open air environments..fabulous views..where music and natural surrounding were melting together.
His actual performance have taken a Dark Progressive turn or flavour to it. Nonetheless, he is a polyedric artists with an ample knowledge of electronic and psychedelics, hence he can play Psytrance Full On Night and Day, Chill Out, his approach to psychedelic trance is somewhat eclectic.
IN 2013 he sees his project coming to life, like a dream coming through, and this thanks to his quality of releases, and his friend and consolle friend, Nemo, that brought his talent to the attentions and to the new House of Macky...a small and humble label.

※ NoiSEK
[ Overtrax Tribe ]

Marco Cruciani (aka Noisek) was born in Perugia in 1984. His interest in music, with the arrival of the new millennium, switches to electronic. In 2005 he gets hooked up by psytrance, while participating at the Sonica Festival. Literally kidnapped by that kind of music and its world, coming back from the festival, he decided he wanted to become a dj. With 3 of his friends (Tanaka, Iguid, Trasme) he founds the Overtrax Tribe, which during the years has offered memorable Psytrance events in Perugia, captivating the interest of both local and international artists such as Ankur, Kasatka, Eniko, Doc, Metamorphocrisis, Menterama, Kykeon and Wild Child.
He has tied solid relations with many artists, among which we name MIK3L (parvati records) and again D-Rix (aka DOC), not only friend but musical mentor as well. During the years he has had the chance and the honor of working with Highko, Dark Whisper, Megalopsy, Virtuanoise, Lova, Will O' Wisp, Rawar etc.
In 2010 he decides to produce his own music, with precious suggestions and advice from DOC and other artist friends like POTME Kykeon, Eniko ed Biomekanik.
Lover of fast chasing bpm’s, he starts composing High- Tech tracks and, after years of work and practice, it is time for Noisek to export his music.

[ Indipendent ]
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[ Overtrax Tribe ]

MDL is an italian Dark-Hitech duo project founded by RubikLive and Iguid.
Here we play and experience new digital and analog sounds with effects that can recreate the feeling with nature and universe that we lost in the last years.

VELOCERAPTUS è il progetto che nasce da djsek e dj iguid nel 2017 entrambe perugini che promuovono la scena psytrance insieme ad altre tribe in umbria ma colonne portanti dell'overtraxtribe fondata da sek e tanaka nel 2006 da qualche anno alla ricerca di proprie sonorità, amanti dei bpm che si rincorrono velocissimi pronti ad esibirsi con il primo live VELOCERAPTUS by Overtrax tribe

Sound Styles: PsyTrance / Darkpsy / Forest / Hightec

· · · ·· ·∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵ ∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵ ∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴· · · · · ·
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L.S.D. Tribe (Last Shamanic Deco)

※ ※ ※ VISUAL※ ※ ※
By: In Logic vj
[ Logic.Answer / L.S.D. Tribe (Last Shamanic Dream) ]

※※※Body Painting Fluo Art ※※※

· · · ·· ·∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵ ∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴∵ ∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴· · · · ·
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Traffic Live CLUB
Via Prenestina, 738 ROMA

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Via Prenestina, 738 ROMA
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Last Shamanic Dream (L.S.D. Tribe)
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