Quantum Experience

Quantum Experience - Neuroplasm+Eeon Live!

Neuroplasm (24/7 Records) - Live set

Based in Brighton, U.K, Neuroplasm presents a truly original form of full-power psytrance, creating an innovative fusion of mind-expanding melodic progressions and contemporary sound design... Heavy, oscillating basslines, high-velocity rhythmic patterns, and deep hypnotic melodies will captivate the dance-floor and keep the party rocking!
With a solid reputation across the globe for consistently providing top-quality music and highly energetic live sets, the immersive sound of Neuroplasm has electrified dance-floors at many major festivals around the world… Bridging the gap between light and dark, with an experimental but accessible sound, this music captures the true spirit of classic psytrance, delivered with a cutting-edge, modern style.
Currently working on a full-length debut album, coming soon on Twenty4seven Records... Stay tuned!


Eeon (24/7 Records) - Live set

With many years of experience developing a unique approach to psychedelic trance, Krzys Neuroplasm now introduces a new live project, using his distinctly innovative production style to explore a fresh and mysterious musical landscape… Eeon will take you on an intoxicating, cosmic journey, through the mystical realms of progressive psytrance.
Futuristic, energising beats and deep rippling basslines flow seamlessly together, as the spiralling melodies and euphoric soundscapes send you drifting into a parallel universe of kaleidoscopic sound and vision… Music that sounds both strange and familiar at the same time, characterised by nostalgic themes, which will lift your spirit and soothe your mind, whilst pulsating subterranean tremors permeate the dancefloor with waves of pure energy.
Presenting a new and exclusive Live set, showcasing fresh and unreleased material… Eeon has arrived!


Kynethik (24/7 Records) - Dj set

KynEthik brought up in Roman suburbs. He discovered psychedelic culture in 2008 attending the italian psytrance parties for years and got involved as a DJ in this scene sharing his passion for hypnotic sounds and exploding loops. He captured the interest of Free Spirit Foundation team and started great collaborations with them and with all the italian organizations. Finally he got signed as 24/7 label DJ in 2015. You’ll be able to tell he’s behind the desk when you’ll hear the finest underground full on playlists accurately mixed and carefully selected according to his taste in powerful basslines together with energetic and consistent soundscapes.


DODO 3 (Quarion Tribe)


Edoardo Bordoni a.k.a. Dodo3 borns in Florence in 1988, age 14 he moves to Marche and there his psytrance experience gets started. In 2004, with some friends, Quarion Tribe is created and
begins organizing parties into the woods of central italy, initating too a protest against the attack to local environment, occupying abandoned motorways to show his disappoint for the extreme
mistreatment and consumerism around the local cave. Next year, with Mental and Mik3l, he organizes the first edition of "Libereuforie" in his mountain cottage. Due to this party an underground
movement starts in the area leading a lot of djs and producers from Italy and all over to join…between the others Rinkadink, Lamat, Bitkit, Digicult, Parasense, Mad Max, Conwerter , Lunarave, Emov,
Sunday Light…
Dodo3 grows his historical psychedelic music culture playing dj sets, both on vinyl and cds, about psytrance with no compromises, varying between different styles with pleasure. He played in the
best italian events as well as in Spain, UK, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Turkey, Swiss.
During winter 2006, with no possibility for open air, thanks to local people supporting the movement, he begins making indoor parties at Verve Club, a 30 years old alternative club nearby town of
Pesaro. About ten years later later, Verve is still the reference point for winter club psychedelic parties in italy. Theese years, Quarion collaborated with crews like Orbital Tribe, Believe, Evolution,
labels like Harmonia, Free Spirit, Dacru, Bhooteshwara, festivals like Ayata, Dodo3 Novas incident, Sonica, Blackmoon, Human evolution.



Quarion tribe videomapping by Sam sei vj
Info line: 3442004076
Elisir club
Entry fee
8 euro
Quarion tribe
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11 - 12 Feb '17 · Club
Firenze · ItalyItaly
Loc: Elisir club Calenzano
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UPDATE Sa, 11 Feb '17 · Italy Firenze
QUANTUM Experience
11 - 12 Mar '17 · Club
Firenze · ItalyItaly
Loc: Elisir club Calenzano
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NEWUPDATE Sa, 11 Mar '17 · Italy Firenze
GEOTERMIKA Quarion Tribe 13 years celebration
27 - 28 May '17 · Open Air
Centro italia · ItalyItaly
Info: tba
Added by QUARION TRIBE -N.A.C · Update 1m 16d · 433 · Starts in 4m 4d
Sa, 27 May '17 · Italy Centro italia


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