PT Connection & Neutronyx pres. "WITCHCRAFT" 9 May '09, 23:00
Party flyer: PT Connection & Neutronyx pres. "WITCHCRAFT" 9 May '09, 23:00
Line Up
((=- Live -=))

METAL WIZARD (PsyFi Records / Portugal)

Metal Wizard is Hugo Aguiar, born and raised in Portugal.Hugo started studying at a music school in his early teens, with guitar as the main instrument. Hugo later joined a metal band were he evolved as a guitar player, and since then metal became part of his life.
Psychedelic trance appeared in 96, when he went to his first party, and what a party…. it was a through life changing experience, surely to be repeated!
The interest for electronic music production started in 2003, shortly after Hugo went to live in the UK, were he finished an MSc in Music Engineering and Production.
After travelling and playing in Australia for 2 years, he is currently back to Portugal creating and manipulating exciting new “spells”.

MANDALA GROOVE (Neutronyx / Portugal & Spain)

Mandala Groove is a new live project formed by Squee and Mr.iX, both based in Dublin, Ireland. They started producing music together at the begining of 2007. Their style can be defined as groovy, funky, powerful and full on which is certain to make u smile and dance =) The music is a fusion of influences such as electro, drum and bass, break beat...

Mandala Groove's bookings have already started as they have just anounced their first live act project to be ready. They startrd their 2008 summer early at Spains Life Festival 2008 Launch Party, a colaboration between Neutronyx (Ireland) and Kantala Sounds (Spain). They then headedoff with their first promo to Life Festival 2008 (Galway / Ireland) where they played following Sphongle along side with acts like Mekkanikka, HyperFrequencies, Ocelot, D-Nox and Beckers, Hallucinogen and many more. Later this year they will present their Live Act in London. Mr.Ix and Squee present to us an uplifting Live Act with 2 laptops, 2 midi controllers and a magical interaction between both that will surely make the dancefloor smile and all those happy bodies moving!

Those of you that were present in Life Festival 2008 and heard all those djsets that have been making Irelands psychedelic movement dance have had the chance to try a bit of this mix of positive energy. You can only do one thing... DANCE!
((=- Dj -=))

SURYA NAMASKAR (Magnetika Agency / Portugal)

Surya Namaskar, aka Mónica, Débora and Telma, inhabitants of Leiria, Portugal, represent the union of three lasting friendships with passion for music, art of mixing and dance. This Project began in 2002, and today, with an inacredible account of performances, these 3 women have been trembling the trance floors in Portugal with the promise of giving more and more on each mix. As the final result of fine musical choice they take tracks of extreme power to the mainfloor, witchcrafts launched in party nights… The Surya Namaskar’s Dj set is now enhanced with a personal touch given by bringing into Play a Midi interface/VST performance. The power, the presence and good feeling on stage are also Surya Namaskar’s trademark, that can always be felt on the trancefloor. Throughout the years, they already “spread witchcrafts” with artists as … Space Budha, Mekanikka, CPU, Sun Project, Safi Connection, Tube, Space Tribe, D_Tek, Juan Verdera, Menog, Suria, Theoreme, Tryambaka, Vibe Tribe, Quantum Leap, Unreal, Neuromotor, Khopat, Paranormal Attack, D_Maniac, Electric Universe, Sick Addiction, Digital Talk, Atomic Pulse, Freaked Frequency, Seroxat, Winter Demon, Rinkadink, Shift, Eskimo, Void, Nexus, Phix, Brethren, Audialize, Domino, Astral Projection, Sirius Isness,Naked Tourist,Fungus Funk,Talamasca, Ocelot, Parasense, Tickets, Absolum, Yahel, Indra, Beat Hackers, Team 18, Indrapest, Didrapest, Derango, Dynamic System, Electrypnose, Freedom Fighters, among others ....
PT Connection and Friends
About PTConnection

Veterans from the 90's "Portuguese Psychedelic War" get together to bring to Dublin an experiment of different magic nights full of high quality Live Acts and elite Psychedelic music. PT Connection are Tiago Santos and Antonio Melo - they have traveled the world meeting new people and in search of that mystic psychedelic experience and now bring to Dublin this Melting Pot of experiences and cultures - mainly influenced by the Portuguese Psychedelic Movement of the late 90's.

Their first party was called "1st Calling" and as the name suggests it was the first party of this newly born collective in colaboration with the oldest (and known) collective "Neutronyx" - Dublin based as well and organizers of Life and After Life Festivals.

After this very successful event, PT Connection & Neutronyx combine forces again to bring you "WITCHCRAFT", another psychedelic party, full of rythim and top quality music with Surya Namaskar (played in Boom Festival 2008 main stage), Metal Wizard (played in Universo Paralelo 07-08 / Brazil) and Mandala Groove - that were considered one of the best live acts of AfterLife and Life Festival.
Radio City
Store Street, Dublin 1
Opposite BUSARAS
Entry fee
Entry fee
€10 - before 24:00 .... €12 after

PT Connection & Neutronyx
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