Psyritual w. Gondar · 29 May 2019 · cb (Czech Republic)


Psyritual w. Gondar

Line Up
Line Up
20:00-21:00 - Psylex (psychill)
21:00-22:30 - Úder Dechu (didgeridoo live)
22:30-00:00 - Triptofun (Kamasutra/Fenix festival) darkprog
00:00-01:30 - Gondar ( psytrance
01:30-03:00 - Dr. Spo (Chazka/Psypileptik) fullon
03:00-04:30 - Fanda Ramus (Kamasutra/Pdx)) darkpsy
04:30-06:00 - Basic (Kamasutra) psytrance
Kamasutra / Pandonix
My name is Stepan Kotouc and I live in Czech Republic. I started to compose music around 1996 in Scream Tracker. Then I found goatrance/psytrance and my heart music was discovered;] I switched to Cubase then. I prefer to play part of my gig liveact and part DJ set. My favorite styles are psytrance, goatrance, neo-goatrance, twilight/night psytrance with gothic harmonics influence, morning psy, progressive, chillout. I played at parties in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Nepal, Russia, Austria, Belgium, Goa-India. I made around 100 videoreports for and servers. My passion is to travel with this mind-twisting music, meet new people around the world and make photos/videos (my real job is company promovideos). Contact me for booking. My other projects: Below are my tracks with showreel, videoclips and dj sets. []
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