Psyload and Mindcontrol present Talamasca,bamboo forest+more

Talamasca (Mindcontrol)

XSI (Mindcontrol)

Talamasca vs. XSI (Mindcontrol)

Bamboo Forest (Mindcontrol)

Mr. Youth (Mindcontrol)

Audionatica (GON Records)

Sunstryk (Plusquam rec.)
POW-LOW (AUTIST Berlin, EMI/Virgin)

D.J.O.E. (Psyload)

Nightwalk (Vibrative Sounds)

ED T (Psyload)

Jacky (Stairs Zürich)
Chai Tea by Melly
Goanimal ([])

Psym3trics ([])

Psyload is teaming up with world wide renowned Mindcontrol Records to bring to you the 3rd and final edition of Night of Psycho, vol. III ! What a way to bring to an end to Psyload's debut year, 2009. It has been a fantastic and positive learning curve, and we thank all of you for participating on the journey so far! We have felt a lot of your positive vibes, and truely appreciate bringing some of the finest Full-On Psytrance acts this planet has to offer to such a willing crowd.

Cedric aka Talamasca, owner of Mindcontrol Records has kindly agreed to bring his most established artists, himself, XSI, Bamboo Forest as well as a promising new and mystical addition to his group, Mr. Youth. All will be presenting their own live performances, and we will also have the priviledge of hearing the live performance of Talamasca vs. XSI, their smash hit collaborative album brought out earlier on this year. This will prove to be a fantastic non-stop full-on experience through the night of the 19th of December. For further information on these artists, don't hesitate in visiting their website on []

As well as Full-on through the night, we will be bringing from 8am in the morning some fresh and fantastic progressive music into the daytime hours. We respect the huge following of this great music genre, and look to provide! We are proud to have Sunstryke from Germany, owner of Plusquam Records, to provide with the latest club floor anthems from Hamburg, Germany! Aswell, Audionatica, one of the headliners from Gon Records, will be banging out their latest techno and progressive influenced tracks, which are being played worldwide right now by artists such as Sven Väth, Timo Maas and Anthony Rother.

Decorations for our party have also been carefully considered, and we are proud to have the assitance of 3 great decoration teams to satisfy the visual senses. Look forward to something big! Sound, as always is something we cannot make any concessions on, and we will be having as usual a massive Dynacord V-system sound set up, the same used at the Zurich mainstation at the streetparade, provided to us by Flashlight Zurich.

Look forward to seeing you there, your Psyload Promotion Team.
City Hall, Fondlistrasse 15 8953 Dietikon (Zürich)
Entry fee
Psyload Promotion []
Mindcontrol Records []
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