Psykicked Engines: SOS Der Machine benefiet · 27 Jun 2009 · Leuven (Belgium)


Psykicked Engines: SOS Der Machine benefiet

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Yannick Thiry
What ? The Machine was founded in 2006 and is a well known and established organization in the club scene in Louvain. What first started as an alternative underground club, has now developed into a versatile club for any music freak that has a lot in store for any audience.

The Machine provides opportunities to youngsters to develop themselves, giving them their own stage, and takes interest in the latest developments on the breaking edge of music.

But the existence of The Machine is in danger! Recent lack of financial support and heavy monthly payments for rent make it impossible to continue to survive! The Machine has been given an ultimatum till July 10th, 2009 to cash up 30 000 euro’s for all delayed payments. Reason enough to join us in communal fight for survival!

Together with many deejays, bands and sympathizers, we’re organizing a series of benefit activities, of which you’ll find info and details below.

If you have additional ideas for raising money, or want to support us by attending one of our many charity events, please feel free to do so!

The Machine needs your help, and is counting on your support!
Der Machine
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Entry fee
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