Psychedelicious 2019

Line Up
Line Up
March 30 will be the seventh sequel of PSYCHEDELICIOUS bass music []

Traditional gourmet psychedelic party presented by WizArts with the support of Mimo-TV and Fenix ​​Festival. Again, we will be hosted by a friendly and safe space of Villa Flora, including a richly equipped kitchen with raw and vegan snacks and a tearoom. This time, with a precious guest, Frog Ambassador of Ufo Bufo Festival (Michal Elemental), who brings and serves to our eager eyes the Elemental crew decoration with beautiful geometric ornaments and garnish them with his DJ set full of crunchy alien sounds. The sound-crystal clear feast with Berlin precision will be set by JENDA LEGENDA, looking forward to high precision active midfield monitors Adam S3V.

This is an extraordinary event, and as the right host and gourmets, we'd love to keep it that way, that everyone has the opportunity to spend the unrepeatable experience pleasantly. That's why, after previous experience, we decided to bring together a maximum of 108 visitors to the psychedelic banquet. And this includes staff, volunteers, artists, psychonauts and the crew! Banquet tickets can be purchased in advance, which we highly recommend!

PRESALE! Dear cosmonauts, psychonauts, dancers, magicians and gourmets of sounds, tastes and beneficial encounters! The presale for this psychedelic audio-visual event has just started! Thanx for sharing this update. The price is 200 CZK in presale and 250 CZK at the gate. We strongly recommend: do not hesitate and buy the ticket in advance, as (even more than the last time) the capacity of our spaceship is limited to 108 participants (including staff, volunteers, artists, psychonauts and crew) and we do not make any exceptions. Account number 1512451037/3030 - Write your name and number of tickets in the notes, please.

bass | psybass | chillout | glitchhop | ethno | tribal | ecometric | mystic | groove | psydub | downtempo | ambient | psybient | tipper | IDM | shamanic | temples | chanting | organic | psychedelic

⩥ Kashmir and friends strikes again!
⩥ Stay tuned
⩥ More info soon
Vila Flora
Vlašimská 13
10100 Prague
Entry fee
Entry fee
200 CZK presale / 250 CZK at the gate if possible
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