***PsychedelicA***Lightfull Music&Art of Goa

***PsychedelicA***Lightfull Music&Art of Goa 12 Jan '19, 22:00
Party flyer: ***PsychedelicA***Lightfull Music&Art of Goa 12 Jan '19, 22:00
Line Up
Line Up
Dj El Rithmo (PsychedelicA/Goa Destination)&Friends
Stile: Minimale-Full On-Goa Trance
The Music for your Kundalini,Consciousness and Body. The Lights for your Fantasy,Imagination and Concentration. The Colours for your Perception,Creativity and inner Energy. But its better close your Eyes and leave open your Heart to the Life,the Love and the Attention. I think this is the sacred Dimension of the lightfull world of Goa.
Music Bar Principe
Piazza Garibaldi 11/C- TRIESTE
(Area Bar+Area Music)
Free Entry
Facebook page GOA DESTINATION (Trieste/NorthEastItaly)
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