Psychedelic Gaff 1st Birthday - Circus Celebration 10 Mar '17, 21:00
Party flyer: Psychedelic Gaff 1st Birthday - Circus Celebration 10 Mar '17, 21:00
Line Up
Its been a while since our last party in October, but we decided to not throw another party until Psychedelic Gaff's 1st Birthday! The 26th of February is the date of our first event one year ago and we are going to celebrate on the 10th of March at The Sound House!!
Get ready!!! We are preparing something really special for this one, with the Circus theme we want to bring all of you a unique experience- uniting the best of psychedelic music with the magic of the circus.

★★★★★★★ LINE UP ★★★★★★★

➨ ACT ONE *Live (Digital Shamans Records) - UK

➨ LAH NARRAD *Live (Woo Dog Records / Alien Vibrations) - N.Eire

➨ Squee (PTConnection) - POR

➨ PhelixX (Galactic Groove Records / Psynonymous) - BRA

➨ Avigyavega (Shunyata Records) - IND

➨ JuliosMap (Psychedelic Gaff / Oggy Club) - BRA

More about ACT ONE:

Act one is the project of 22 year old, english idiot Jack Allsopp. Coming from a drum and bass and jazz background he arrived on the scene only 3 years ago. His unique sound quickly spread all over the world and has been releasing music and touring ever since. Coming from the digital shamans boat his sound is groovy and fun, trying not to take itself too seriously.

★★★★★★★ LOCATION ★★★★★★★

The Sound House (upstairs in The Wiley Fox)
Doors open at 9pm
Tickets at the door: 10€ before 10pm, 12€ after
Over 18's (ID required)

★★★★★★★ DECORATION ★★★★★★★

➸ Fractal SOUL Décor

★★★★★★★ UV FACE PAINTING ★★★★★★★

➸ D Nation


➸ Aerial Hoop performance by Sarah Luna
➸ Live Art by Shane Ha and friends (in the smoking area)
➸ Hula Hoop performance by Hannah Ryan

★★★★★★★ PSYCHEDELIC SHOP ★★★★★★★

➸ Psychedelic Gaff

* Contact us if you want to be part of our Psychedelic Shop

★★★★★★★ PHOTO/VIDEO ★★★★★★★

➸ Victorino films

About Psychedelic Gaff:

"Gaff" is an irish slang word for "house", its also used across Scotland and parts of England and Wales.

Psychedelic Gaff was born in order to bring the best producers and djs of psytrance world to Dublin, creating a unique atmosphere!
We believe that with a good dose of psychedelia, power sound system and good vibes we will make a unique experience for everyone to enjoy!
So, bring your best self!
The Sound House (the old The Pint)
28 Eden Quay - Dublin 1 - Dublin/Ireland
Entry fee
Entry fee
Tickets at the door: 10€ before 10pm, 12€ after
Psychedelic Gaff

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