Psychedelic Eclipse w/ CHUDL LIVE + DJ set · 10 Dec 2022 · Novi Sad (Serbia)

Psychedelic Eclipse w/ CHUDL LIVE + DJ set

· Over: 1m 24d
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With combined forces of residents of three local organizations, we have prepared something completely different for you.

For the first time, the Austrian artist from Banyan Records, CHUDL, will be our guest, who will treat us with a LIVE + DJ set!

Eric is a resident and organizer of Kodama parties in Vienna, which hosted many famous artists from the forest and dark-psy scene. He started producing more than 10 years ago, under the influence of the role models: Laughing Buddha, Tristan, Logic Bomb, and Hallucinogen. His style was further shaped by the discovery of a darker sound represented by Atriohm, Zik, Derango, and Orestis. He says his music tells a story and will take the listener on a journey with him. He worked a lot to achieve his own style, in which he likes to combine several different subgenres but is always melodic, atmospheric, mysterious, and deep.

DJ support:
Lyabidelic / Jungle Island
Lasagna / Jungle Island
Kuzma / Digital Chemistry
Yella / Ages of Love
Amaryllis / Ages of Love

Deco by Global Sect


Tickets will be available on the day of the party, at the entrance, at a price of 800 din
Ignite night club
Novosadskog sajma 35
Novi Sad
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Psychedelic Eclipse
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