PSYCHEDELIC CULTURE part2 31 Mar '17, 22:00
Party flyer: PSYCHEDELIC CULTURE part2 31 Mar '17, 22:00
Line Up
***********************ULVAE / Parvati Rec; / Portugal*****************
Gustavo was born in Portugal and has been around music since he was an embryo, both parents were music lovers and his father a musician himself.
By the age of 14 starts to play guitar and bass in garage bands and years later in some projects that actually went beyond the so called garage band.
Get his first contact with the Underground and Psychedelic scene in 1998, in a forest near Coimbra. The journey was so intense that he never left!
Ulvae project was born in 2003 along with other musical projects. It´s in the year of 2007 that Ulvae became the main project and stands out.
With a particular flavor, full with forest and organic atmospheres, obscure melodies, twisted elements, deep basses and very special
************************MUSCARIA / Sonic Loom / A*******************
The mastermind behind "Muscaria" is Thomas Wiesinger, located in Austria. Introduced to the Psychodelic music scene in 2000, he started djing in 2004. After paricipating many parties, he began to make his own sound in 2006. He describes his sound as expermintal psychodelic sound, using many differnent hardware synth´s, taking a lot of insperation from oldschool sounds of the early 90´s.

**************ORDO AB CHAO / Sonic Loom / Greece****************
Ordo ab Chao is the DJ and composer aka Bassilis.
Has been involved with the psy trance scene since the early 90's,
when he started exploring the parties in his hometown Athens.
After that fall in love with the vibe and the music and followed that path.
At late 90's he started DJing and organizing open air parties in Greece.
In 2000 he expanded his horizons and started travelling around Asia,
visited Goa and Kho Phangan island where he crossed paths with other like minded artists,
DJs and travellers from all over the globe...
Through these experiences he enriched his creativity and
after years of Djing the need to create his own sound under the project of Ordo ab Chao, was born.
2 years later crossed paths with Orestis, Petran, Dark Elf, Daoine Sidhe and they founded Sonic Loom Music.
Since then he has compiled: V.A. Loomination, V.A. Immaterial World, V.A. Alchemic Recipe and
constantly working on the upcoming psy trance releases of the label, his own music project and DJ sets.
********SHAMANIAK / Shipibo Sounds / Banyan Records /A*********
******PARAMA / NextTimeProduction, Mind Therapy Project /A******
***************************Calaquendi DekoArt / A**************************
*******************************3D Mapping / A*******************************
*********************Laser & Movinglight By Jackael / A*******************
*************************Chaikitchen By Clemens / A************************
*************************FlyerArtwork By El Geko / A***********************
*****************************Special Soundsystem**************************
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