PSYCHE DELOUN · 14 Mar 2015 · west flandres (Belgium)


· Over: 7y 10m
Line Up
Psyche Deloun

Dance for Life,Ohm Mind & Jagoa Present:

The Mega Bday Bash Of Jagoa , Ohm Mind And Jihef With: A Huge Line Up!

Live Acts :

- SUBCOUDS ( Sweden )
Arjuna Records - Psychic Deli Records - Globalistic Records

Subcouds (1995-1999) was a swedish goa trance project between Fredrik Axelsson (now in the pHat pHase and Fripic Bounce projects) and Rickard Berglöf (now involved in the Vibrasphere project).
Subcouds play a 100% retro set with a pure feeling of Goa Trance only for you !!!

- COSMIC DIMENSION ( Macedonia ) - Suntrip Records

First Time In Belgium !!!

Their powerful goa-trance style, which can be described as cosmic goa-trance,
with lots of floating melodies and dreamy soundscapes mixed with powerfull basslines
Will bring you to a higher state of mind!


- CELESTIAL INTELLIGENCE ( Macedonia ) - Suntrip Records

First Time In Belgium !!!

Members of Celestial Intelligence wish to express their emotions and experience from their life
through the Goa-trance music and to contribute something for the trance scene today.


- OHM MIND ( Belgium ) - rePSYcle Records - Dance For Life - Tibidi Crew

New belgian artist with a lot of acidic & uplifting vibes , influences of india and etnic percussion.
Ohm Mind started to play goa trance since 2014 . He will also be Celebrating his 28th birthday here.


Dj Sets :

- EXOGEN ( Belgium ) - rePSYcle Records - Dance For Life

Created the Dance For Life Organisation , has experience as dj for a lot of years now.
He will provide you with some new and rare stuff and some classics, all for your listening pleasure .


- JAGOA ( Belgium ) - Suntrip Records

Celebrating his 21st birthday, Jago will play a funky dj set, providing you with the music that made
him fall in love with Goatrance.


- ANOEBIS ( Belgium ) - Suntrip Records

Head of Suntrip records ,A goa-trance and ambient addicted dj, playing this kind of music as much as possible for people that love to dance hard and float around . He will play a crazy acidic set!


- TECHNICAL HAZE ( Belgium ) - High Frequencies

Young new belgian artist who produces goa trance and will give you a wonderfull warm-up with all kind of classics .


- CESAR ( Spain ) - Suntrip Records

V&J :


Decoration :


Shop :

- Absolem Belgium Chez Mamy-Na



Food :


Location :

- Somewhere In West-Vlaanderen

Powered By: - Suntrip Records

- Dance For Life

- Ohm Mind

More Information Coming Soon! For Reservation, Location & Price: Stay Tuned !!
West Flandres
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