Psybient Underground 2 Dec '17, 18:00
Party flyer: Psybient Underground 2 Dec '17, 18:00
18 00 DJ Pal King
20 00 PsiPhaS (psychill with live guitars)
22 00 Emil Avel Tirkel
00 00 Dezmond
02 00 - till sunrise psiphas dj set


Way to Wonderland Crew
Way to Wonderland Crew
Hi everybody. 2 December we gonna celebrate birthday of psychedelic guitarist Dezmond and by this we open our winter chillout partys in format of Psybient cafe where you can come and chill watching the river and panorama of Berlin listening deep psychedelic ambient music.
We start 18 00 and at 20 00 we will have live act with guitars.
Cofe and tea for donations. Beer and shorts by low berlin price. Come and call the friends
Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 10/12/14, 12045 Berlin
Entry fee
Entrance free
Emil Avel Tirkel
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