Psy Venture Bar - Psychedelic Adventure Bar 15 Sep '18, 20:30
Party flyer: Psy Venture Bar - Psychedelic Adventure Bar 15 Sep '18, 20:30
Line Up
Mental coaches:
Pzyko LIVE
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Chuckles B2B Maru Secrets
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by Neil Gibson & Psy Venture Bar Deco Team + Psyberration & mapping by Artrance
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We are very sorry to announce that due to the local city council restrictions we are forced to end the party at 04h30 (!!😵😡🤮)
To compensate this we will start the party at 20h30 (!!) and
the enrty price will be adjusted to:
5 euro before 22h and 8 euro after 22h

We loved to offer you a party till sunrise but this is out of my reach so PLEASE COME EARLY as we have put alot effort in this party + we gonna lift off with a blast at 20h30 with Chuclkes playing B2B with Maru Secrets.
It's Maru Secrets first time playing in Belgium so be sure you dont missout on their set!
Lateron Charris will bring her best set ever she told us and last but not least Pzyko will surprise you with a brainblasting live-set!

So spread the word & come early!
Langestraat 145, Brugge - - -> []
Entry fee
Entry fee
Exit Reality: 5 euro before 22h
8 euro after 22h
Psy Venture Bar // Absurdo Tribe
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