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>>>>> !!PROGRESSIVE TO DARK-PSY !! <<<<<
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▁▂▃▅▆▇ - PSY TRANCE NATION - ▇▆▅▃▂▁

-- T I M E T A B L E --

23:00 - 00:00 OPENING

00:00 - 02:30 STYX

02:30 - 04:30 ASMODIS

04:30 - 08:30 HUNAKUPUA

08:30 - 09:30 TIEFIMWALD

09:30 - 11:00 ACTIVIMPSYWALD


▁▂▃▅▆▇ - PSY TRANCE NATION - ▇▆▅▃▂▁







Fr, 4. Apr 14, 23:00 - Sa, 5. Apr, 12:00
- DeCoOrdiNation-Recs. pres.:


▁▂▃▅▇ P S Y T R A N C E ▆▅▃▂▁

ॐ HUNAKUPUA ॐ [Raschka & Kimmei]

// Banyan Records
// Alpentrauma (DE)

The two Forest Psychedelic DJs Raschka and Kimmei were booked at an Open Air Festival in Italy and had only one hour to play per DJ. So they decided to share their time and play together as they wanted for a long time. They only did that once before at an 25 Session playing their whole case in their Forest bubble ;)

They had such great fun and played such a great set, that they decided to continue this project.

Because of their Hawaii-Cap style they decided to take an Hawaiian name and got into Hawaiian mythology. So they came up with the name HUNAKUPUA. Huna means "The secret" but its the word for the esoteric wisdom of Polynesia. Kupua is the Polynesian Shaman.
Together it stands for the philosophy and spiritual knowledge of the old Polynesians.

[ [facebook.com] ]
[ soundcloud ]
[ soundcloud ]

ॐ S T Y X ॐ

********************************* [Deep-Psychedelic]
// Dreamtime
// Uroboros Records
// Fabula Records (RO/DE)

Dj Styx is 35 year old Transylvania Saxon. He grew up in Sibiu / Transylvania or Hermannstadt / Siebenbuergen as the Saxons and Germans call it. After the Romanian Revolution in 1989 moved like most Saxon Family’s to Germany, in Munich /Bavaria he began to passionately mix music in 1995. He started off by playing break beats and d’n’b on vinyl before getting in to house, progressive techno, trance and even electro. Throughout his development in music styles, distinct trance elements have always been part of his sets.

Around 5 years into mixing, during travels in Australia influenced by his gathered experiences at parties, he started to almost uniquely play psychedelic trance and trippy, funky, groovy, oriental downbeats that make your heart melt – This passion for psychedelic music was the setting stone for his involvement in the German based plasmamusic & Schmox-Family project, the Italian label “Fabula Records” and the founding of his own “Dreamtime Productions” organization in Romania that is also responsible for the creation of the mystical Transylvania Calling – Gathering of the Tribes.

He has continued to explore all faces and tempos of trance and now mostly plays unique dark progressive and forest sets with a funky touch but also into trippy donwbeat. BEst sets are the from 3 – 12 or more hours then the magic takes over! Since 2010 he has officially joined the Brazilian label “Uroboros Records”.

In the last 18 years he has been able to travel and play at many festivals and parties in countless country’s all over the world. Some of the most influential amongst them were Universo Paralello /Brazil, Exodus in Australia, Solar Eclipse Festival in Turkey, Elixiria in Finland and the BOOM Festival after-party named Utopia in Portugal.
Further he organized & supported many different events in Romania where he also resides at the moment. He is also the founder and main organizer of the Transylvania-Calling Festival which was held every 2 years in the Romanian region called Transylvania and now is happening every year and 19 – 26 August 2013 it will unite the Tribes of dozens of countries again to celebrate a week in Wonderland.

Currently Styx.Dj is on a Mid American tour and is playing on some parties and festivals in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Popol Vuh in Palenque Mexico and the Geoparadise Festival in Panama to name a few confirmed ones. Full and new dates you can always check on the facebook fanpage or his soundcloud profile.

Travelling with good Music, Decorations and allot of Festival Experience you might see him mostly busy doing something.. le bt Decorations, Stagemanaging or helping out at the Gate.

[ [transylvania-calling.com] ]
[ [fabularecords.com] ]
[ [uroborosrecords.com] ]

ॐ S E N A N G ॐ

*********************************** [Psychedelic]
// Banyan Records (DE)

Manu aka DJ SENANG Label Manager from Banyan Records and Dj for Omveda Records and D-a-r-k Records Austria. He started visiting parties in the year of 1999 and since than infected of the psycedelic culture. After some years visiting parties and dancing he got more interested to look behind the scene and so he started djing and organizing parties and aso he create with a good friend a nes Forest dark Psytrance and Dark Deep Progressive Label.
Senang`s style is described as Forest DarkPsy Atmospherics, he play sets from 148 up to 155 and aso he plays Dark Deep Progressive Sets from 130- 140 .He has played on a variety of smaller and bigger Festivals/Parties in Austria,Germany, Italy,Hungary,India,switzerland and more...


ॐ T I E F I M W A L D ॐ

************************* (Forest-Psy)
DeCoOrdiNation Records [ GER ]

Hi I´m dj Tiefimwald my real name is Maxi O. ,
I´m born at the 30. April. 1990 in Munich (Germany). And I started to play piano at the age of 9 years. This has been my first steps to make music. My first psychedelic experience was in the year 2008 on a free and easy Goa party in Munich. From this moment I was totally addicted to psytrance music. The first time I was only listening and visiting full on and progressive parties. But after two years I had my first contact to Forest and Parvati music at fullmoon festival near Berlin 2010. Now my mind and my music appreciation was completely opened for this kind of psychedelic music. I started to learn to mix music, to become a dj. Because one of my biggest passions is to show people my music and dispatch them into different inner psychedelic worlds.



********************************** [Twisted-Psy / Dark]
// DeCoOrdiNation Records [ GER ]

Dominik S. aka Psycho Activity
- his project as a trance musician, deejay and composer from Munich (Germany).

The experience started in the year 2011 in Munich.
End of the year in (Nov.) 2011 he founded the psychedelic Music-Label "DeCoOrdiNation-Records".

The first contact with psychedelic music was in 2007 on a psy event in austria.
There he got introduced into the happy lifestyle which is enjoyed and celebrated by his crazy friends. After some events later psychedelic music became more and more interesting for him. It grew up to love. Stronger and stronger from time to time. For his birthday in

April 2010 he bought his first equipment and started to learn Dj-ing in Munich. Since this time he is playing every day and every time he enjoys it more to be free.

In 2011, after one year of DJing he started a project with name "PsychoActivity". A half year later he got a new idea for an extended project with combinations of his talent and his DJing pleasure and he started to produce digital-music. A project and a never ending story was born. His love plus the powerful fascination for creativity equals the psychedelic music. He is lerning from his experiences. His sound contains a wide range of amazing phonic and crazy techniques. He creates a mixture of colourful and funny tunes and produces extraordinary baselines for a rock’n’rolling sensation. Enjoy the explicit style of funky and magical sounds that will bless your mind and relax your soul.

▆▅▃▂ - C H I L L - ▂▃▅
+ + B L A C K L I G H T + + D E C O R A T I O N + +



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- B o O o M - B o O o M - B o O o M - !! ENJOY !! ;)

Friedenstrasse 10
81671 München , Germany

[ [theaterfabrik-muenchen.de] ]

( Ostbahnhof )
5 min to S-Bahn/train
( Optimol Werke - Ost )
Entry fee
Entry fee

-> no entry under 18 years!!
-> no drugs!!!

-> free entry for Birthday Kids!!
(DeCoOrdiNation Recs. - CREW)

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