PSY GAME # act.07 Xxmass Edition!

PSY GAME # act.07 Xxmass Edition! 25 Dec '16, 18:00
Party flyer: PSY GAME # act.07 Xxmass Edition! 25 Dec '16, 18:00
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domenica 25 dicembre dalle 18H,

Veleno Music in collaborazione con Different Reality e Good Vibe Tribe presentano:

PSY GAME # act.07 - Xxmass Edition!
>the beginning of ChRiStMaS gamE!



# MARIOBROSSTEAM - veleno music

presenterà il suo nuovo EP, Psycological Pulse, in uscita su Veleno Music proprio in questi giorni!

It's time for another work by Mariobrossteam project and his first with Veleno Music. Davide Tamborra a.k.a. Mariobrossteam is not a debut artist in this scene, in '90s he started his adventure in electronic music. From DJ sets to studio sessions he got to know better the world behind music production. After a long work and various experiences in different music projects, which gave him the opportunity to play at some of the most important festivals around Europe, it is now time to give us all his personal work including collaboration tracks with some of his friends/artists who last year worked together with the aim of exploring a new special and different sound. It's time for a new game to's time for Psycological Pulse.

# TWIN FREQUENCY - good vibe tribe

# SUPERNATURAL - veleno music

# YODA - trance invasion

# SIR - different reality

# MENTAL CRYSIS - trance invasion

# FEEL VS BETUK - good vibe tribe

# PSYOM - psyfly tribe

# CAT - crushingoa

# JIMMY9 - veleno music

DECO: Different Reality
uno splendido regalo natalizio ai primi 150 amici che arriveranno!!! OH OH OH OH :D ♥ ♥
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