PSY Circus Festival 2019: ђ๏гค ๔є l๏ςยгค 17 May '19, 13:00
Party flyer: PSY Circus Festival 2019: ђ๏гค ๔є l๏ςยгค 17 May '19, 13:00
Line Up
▲Calyptratus▼ 🇩🇪 Alice-D Production - Interaural Records
▲Dark Files▼ 🇲🇽 Dark Society
▲DeMeNtIa▼ 🇲🇽 Twenty-five Records - Deviant Force Records
▲Ibvn Crvcking▼ 🇲🇽 Insane Music
▲Sectio Aurea / Argot Digamma / Anficlavis▼ 🇨🇭 Argot Digamma Music
▲Vensker▼ 🇲🇽 Twenty-five Records - Pleiadian Records
▲Xenrox▼ 🇦🇹 Kamino Records
▲Xikwri Neyrra (official)▼ 🇲🇽 Twenty-five Records

Circus and contemporary art for children of all ages, from zero to one hundred years old. A festival designed to have fun in style, swim in colors, explore sounds and enjoy radical lights! This time we invite you to follow the adventures of Finn and Jake in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo.
It will be announced a week before the event.
★Guadalajara, Xalisco
Entry fee
Entry fee
Lisérgica 25
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Sound Styles


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