Prog Station 2018 Psytards Reunion · 28 Sep 2018 · Auckland (New Zealand)


Prog Station 2018 Psytards Reunion

· Over: 4y 2m
Line Up
Line Up
Paddaman ZA - [click here]
Ferkster NZ - [click here]
Protocol NZ - soundcloud
Froggman ZA - [click here]
Prog Station proudly brings you the 2018 Psytards Reunion :)
Time for us to get together and dance to steamolicious FAT tunes again.
Come join us at the 2018 installment of this annual dinky event and experience the friendly vibe from the moment you walk in the door.

We are privileged to have three of Auckland's well known Progressive Psytrance DJ's playing hand picked, chunky Prog and all it's related sub genres.

Est. 2011 - We've been hosting smashing Progressive Psy events for the past 7 years and this one will deliver in the same way.

As always the event is limited to 100 people only! We do this so you can hang out with your mates, spin some yarns and realy get your groove on in an environment where you have enough room to mooove freely :)

Dogs Bollix, 2 Newton Road, Auckland, New Zealand 1010
Entry fee
Entry fee
Door sales only $10
No guest list :)
Mickey MusicLuver
2 Newton Road, Auckland, New Zealand 1010
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