Polymer Festival 15 Jun '18, 16:00
Party flyer: Polymer Festival 15 Jun '18, 16:00
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°°°°Line up°°°°

Furzy Room

¤ Jumpstreet (Looney Moon rec/ Switzerland) soundcloud

¤ Lecture (Independant/ USA)

¤ Matibhrama (BMSS rec/ France)

¤ GnaÏa (Oreades Production/ France)

¤ Divergences alias Min hou (Disable crew/ France)

¤Yodaféstédelik (France)

¤Caro Sunshine (Gaggalacka-Plutonium Club/Germany)

¤Dj Samnu (Plutonium-Klub/ Austria)

¤Hashashin (World People-Elektro Magnetik/ Belgium)

¤Chullachaqui (Elektro Magnetik/ France)

¤Geometek (Elektro Magnetik/ France)

¤Gridy Cosm (Elektro Magnetik/ Norway)

¤H-Sunrise (Elektro Magnetik/ Belgium)

¤Furzy Pan (Free Earth/ France)

¤Tsunamix (Freakrecords / Ntfs )

¤Deejay Nixus (Hard Bass Dealers/ France-Amstdm)

¤Paco (DrumtaBass/ France)

¤Anders (Norway)

¤White Horse Band (France)

¤Alex Nilson (France)

¤Tic Tac (France)

¤Novo Keïn (Yôkai records / France)
¤Furzy Pan (Free Earth / France)


Orient Express

¤Owsley Elemental ( Karma Kusala / France)

¤Novo Keïn (Yokai records / France)

¤Azyme (Shambala / Malaysia)

¤SYSTOL - live set (Hana log / France )

More coming soon...

¤The festival space will be illuminated using magical Installations and colourful quirky decor by Ysono decoration
This is a new event with Fresh Vibes. Showcasing 2 unique stage over 48 hours of wide variety of soundscapes and genres.

Psy Stage (Furzy Room) : Exclusivity bringing to you a line up of incredible producers and visionary artists to capture the Psychedelic Realm !

Chillout stage (Orient Express) : Nestled in a bohemian Morroccan tent, this is an atmospheric space created by Owsley Elemental (artist Dj Chillout music @ Karma Kusala [facebook.com]

¤The Amazing Art gallery by JulliBellule, It is by means of colour, of material, of technology and of her own felt sound that she tries to make feel different emotions and feelings. With her subjects and the colour which she tries to make travel the spectator in unknown places or dimensions.

¤Boum Tchak Tour
Renegade Music Caravan featuring a fully stocked rum Bar with lighting, dancefloor games and alternative electronic music on a quality soundssystem.
[facebook.com]) for

Food/Restaurant Vegan in place with Balthazar an his kitchen Family , Karrot's n'nuts ! (Table, Geosdesic dome and happyness)
Alt-Moabit 105, 10559 Berlin, Deutschland
Entry fee
25 euros / 24 hours
40 euros / 2 days
Kevin Furzy Pan
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