PINKE PUNKTE - progressive Celebration (with Echoes Records)

PINKE PUNKTE - progressive Celebration (with Echoes Records) 19 Jan '08, 22:00
Party flyer: PINKE PUNKTE - progressive Celebration (with Echoes Records) 19 Jan '08, 22:00
:: Kaleidoscope :: Echoes Records / Iboga Records :: Israel
:: GMO :: Yellow Sunshine Explosion
:: Marc van Mumpitz :: s.h.e.e.p. / SpIrAlClAn
:: Oli Inkognito :: s.h.e.e.p. / Vertikal Records / SpIrAlClAn
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Für unsere 1jährige Jubiläumsparty und einen guten Start 2008
haben wir es uns nicht nehmen lassen Dj Osho, einen der besten
progressive Dj´s unserer Zeit einzuladen.

Dj Osho (Echoes Records /EchoPlast Recordings) --> sorry er musste uns am 13.01. absagen, aber er schickt uns Tom Lewis aka Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope @ myspace..

Tom Lewis, started his musical development at en early age of 9, learning piano and guitar. He Started playing Metal music at 1999 and quickly went into other directions as an open minded music lover
He Started DJ'ing psychedelic trance tunes in 2001 and shortly after, he started to organize parties too... (first as Lapland Productions together with Tzahi Cabeli, and in the start of 2004, left Lapland and opened a new production alone called: Different Beat Productions)
Tom has finished a sound engineering diploma at "Kinneret College" and today, he is working as a freelancer sound engineer in Recordings, Mix, Post Productions and PA.
in his spare time, Tom is making music in his own private studio and DJing in parties almost every week, he is also working as an A&R for Echoes Records and making for them a brand new compilition that will be out before the end of the year.
Among others Tom has collobrated with artists such as Guy Aerospace from SpinTwist Records , Gil Nitro, Yaniv U-Recken & Zeevi Flyby from Dooflex Records, Michael Banel from Iboga Records ,Jo Summerfield , Liran Mute and more... and got a few releases coming soon on the well respected Record labels: SpinTwist, Dooflex, Iboga & Echoes.
Tom is working now on several projects simultaneously on 2 different names... one as Kaleidoscope and the other is in his own name - Tom Lewis.
The styles moves between a lot of ganers from trance to electro and techno and even rock, pop and experimental music...


*Kaleidoscope vs Aerospace - Tek-No Prisoners (Spintwist Rec Germany)
*Kaleidoscope vs Behind Blue Eyes - BBQ (Iboga Rec Denemark)
*Aerospace - The Future (Kaleidoscope vs Mute Rmx) (Iboga Rec Denemark)
*Sun Control Species - Two Point Five (Kaleidoscope Rmx) (Iboga Rec Denemark)
*Kaleidoscope - What It Seems To Be (Echoes Rec Israel)
*Kaleidoscope vs U-Recken - Play My Record (Dooflex Rec Israel)

*Lewis & MIG - Boogie Woogie (Spintwist Rec Germany)
Echoes Records
EchoPlast Recordings

more infos soon...
GOTEC - Gablonzerstr. - Karlsruhe
Entry fee
Entry fee
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