Perfect Line Day Party

Party flyer: Perfect Line Day Party 12 Jan '14, 05:30
Party flyer: Perfect Line Day Party 12 Jan '14, 05:30
Day Din, Ecliptic, Lyctum, Capital Monkey, Sub6, Rinkadink, Shekinah, Neuropipes, Shove, Victor Ruiz, Ruls & Navarro.
Digoa, Max Grillo, Pex, Dihego Lourenço, Mykarus, Igor Rosetti, Canibal Tech.
Amazing Decor from Belém (Brazil), Video Mapping, Full Color Laser and a amazing natural view of the party place.
For more information, check on facebook the page: []
The party is in a amazing place called Praia Doce (Sweet Beach), is in a natural reserve place some a lake and surrounded by the forest. To go to the local by plane must go to the city of Vitória in Espirito Santo State in Brasil and on the airport you can take a taxi to Guarapari, a amazing city with more then 30 beaches, many clubs, with peolpe from all places in brasil and from other countries. More information on facebook on the page: [] or with []
Entry fee
Tickets information at [] search for Perfect Line
Breno Demicheli
Phone: +55 27 8164-6028 or +55 27 3272-0736
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