Parvati Night 11 Feb '12, 22:00
Party flyer: Parvati Night 11 Feb '12, 22:00
Line Up
Main Floor
Atriohm Live (Parvati Rec.,Macedonia)

Jahbo Live (Parvati Rec.,Denmark)

Vertical Live (Parvati Rec.,Finland)

Baba Yaga Live (Parvati Rec.,Germany)

Second Floor

Earsugar live (Iboga Rec., Switzerland)

Midimal Live (Echoes Rec., Switzerland)

Grünesblau Live (Crashkidcompany, Switzerland)
Main Floor

Giuseppe Dj set (Parvati Rec.,Italy)

Jahbo Dj set (Parvati Rec.,Denmark)

Ilse Dj set (Parvati Rec.,Germany)

INFX Dj set (Aphonix Rec., Switzerland)

AllCameAndBleeded (Terror Twins, Switzerland)

Second Floor

Syncron Dj set (Blue Tunes Rec., Germany)(First time in Switzerland)

Steffi Dj set (Aphonix Rec., Switzerland)

Mizoo Dj set (Moonloop Rec., Switzerland)

Creator Dj set (Blue Tunes Rec., Switzerland)

Frontal Dj Set (MAgic Lounge, Switzerland)
Deko by Asrael

Sound by Magic Lounge
Light by Vibrative Sound
Stadthalle Dietikon
Fondlistrasse 15
8953 Dietikon
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