Padang Records Showcase 3 May '19, 22:00
Party flyer: Padang Records Showcase 3 May '19, 22:00
Line Up
Line Up
* Ritalin Child (Padang Records) Argentina - Dark Progressive, Twilight
* Meerkat (Padang Records) Irlanda - Dark Progressive
* Pat Zadik (Padang Records) Suiza - Dark Progressive
* Mallki (Padang Records) Peru - Techno Zenonesque
* MNKM (Voie Alternative) Francia - Techno Zenonesque
* Kike Alzamora (Moonlight Music) Peru - Techno
Moonlight Decor
Vj Ohm Eye
El prestigioso sello Brasileño presenta su primer Showcase en Lima Peru.

Emprendemos un viaje psicodélico pasando a través de sonidos hipnóticos, oscuros y profundos marcados por fuertes beats que te harán mover el cuerpo y perderte en tu mente.
Una travesía por el lado oscuro del Progressive y del Techno con la mejor selección musical de Padang Records.

The prestigious Brazilian label presents its first Showcase in Lima Peru.

We embark on a psychedelic journey through hypnotic, dark and deep sounds marked by strong beats that will make you move your body and lose yourself in your mind.
A journey through the dark side of Progressive and Techno with the best musical selection from Padang Records.
La Jungla, Pasaje Sanchez Carrion 110 Bulevard de Barranco, Lima - Peru
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Entry fee
Entry fee
10 soles (con lista, entrada libre hasta las 12) para estar en lista, puedes apuntar tu nombre en el muro del evento FB

10 soles (with list, free admission until 12) to be on the list, you can write your name on the wall of the FB event
Padang Records
Official FB Event: [] Padang Records Web: []
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