Odyssey Tribe 20 Apr '18, 00:00
Party flyer: Odyssey Tribe 20 Apr '18, 00:00
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Trough time there was space and trough space there is time..

The repetitive beats in our hearts the repetitive beats in our souls brought us to this understanding that the tribe has spoken and on this day the tribe will gather for the first time this year to dance away all the dark forces...
This will be a good year for the whole tribe because we stand united with love!!!!!

This April we bring you the Mighty!!!
>>>>>>>>>Radikal Moodz (Looney Moon Records)<<<<<<<<
Radikal Moodz is a Psytrance project created by two French
producers (Maxime and Dominique)

After having played on several national festivals and events like
Hadra Trance Festival, Festival Imagin'aire, Outrance Open Air,
Shroom, Tantra Festival ..., now he work with the Italian Label Looney Moon Records.

Radikal Moodz join the forces to broadcast their own vision of
the psychedelic groove ... punchy, electric and wavy!

Supported by our local and international Wizards this night will take you on a Odyssey trough the psychedelic realm of Asia....


<<<<<<<<<MentaWak (Odyssey Tribe)>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<<Bhungaroo (Our Minds)>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<Xabanga (Digital Shamans Records)>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<<Decoded (Odyssey Tribe)>>>>>>>>>
Alley 264 Au co. 1st junction turn right
10000 Hanoi
Odyssey Tribe
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