Nox Valpurgis - 2to6 label party

Nox Valpurgis - 2to6 label party 30 Apr '12, 22:00
Party flyer: Nox Valpurgis - 2to6 label party 30 Apr '12, 22:00
Line Up
Electrypnose (2to6 Records)
Malice in Wonderland (2to6 Rec)
Silly Twit (Neurotrance Rec)
LSDemon (Shiva Squad Rec)
Gargamel (2to6 Records)
Gian (Auralize Music)
Gobi (Auralize Music)
Neorg (Monstruo Ink Crew)
Ali (Transelastica)
Vj Piloy (2to6 Rec)
Witchcraft decoration
Camp side, parking, tents, food, security, fire place

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Monte El Pizote - Dulce Nombre de Tres Rios

The Down Tres Rios is close to San Jose the capital of costa rica.

The best way for foreigners to get to the place is to take a taxi from anywhere in San jose and for maximum 15 $ you get to the Restaurant 'El Pizote'

You can also take the bus to 'San Ramon de Tres Rios' and get out in the last stop. You will have to walk 1 km to the Restaurant 'El Pizote' from there.

From the Restaurant "El Pizote" 1 km up west the first entrance on the right. Follow the signs
Entry fee
Entry fee
16 $
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