Nova's Incident XV open air 16 Jul '16, 16:00
Party flyer: Nova's Incident XV open air 16 Jul '16, 16:00
Line Up
U-RECKEN (Dacru Records - Israel) live
SHAKTA (Dragonfly - Suntrip - UK) live
SUDUAYA (BMSS - Altar Records - France) live progressive & chill-out
DIGICULT (Dacru Records) live
KAYA PROJECT (Interchill Records - UK) dj set
BITKIT (Dacru Records) live
AQUILA (Dacru Records) live
BIM (Iono - YSE - Germany)
NAZCA (Soononmoon - Brazil)
OONAH & BONAS (Dacru Records)
OHM MIND (NeoGoa - Goa Madness) live
ENANTION (Psychedelic Theatre - Germany)
PSYGASUS (GreenTree Records)
NORION (Dacru Records - GreenTree Records)
RAYMAN (Contact High - Australia)
BMI GOES INDIA (Global Aura - Netherlands) live
ASKARI (Dacru Records - Switzerland)
FOOSE (GreenTree Records)
ELFRA aka QUENDI'RA (Dimensional Records)
GNOME (Amanita Muscaria)
GOATHLETES (GreenTree Records)
OLIVER.D (Paranoize - Luxembourg)
CYBERNETIK FREAK (Beat Freak'z Records) live
HARDY (Happy Dude Records - Error 404 - Germany)

Main stage open air covering full on, oldschool and progressive
Second stage in big tent with chill out and more oldschool and progressive
Smaller third alternative stage providing an eclectic mix of sounds
Fourth stage in small bunker
decorations by

Spiral Spectrum > main stage

Joto Deco > second stage

visuals by

Eye Force > second stage
free camping and parking from Saturday noon to Monday noon (please don't come before Saturday!)
full sound, light and laser show by Full On Productions
fire jugglers - performances
shops with food, drinks, clothes, cds, ...
first aid stand provided by the Belgian Red Cross
the first 1000 visitors will receive a free dacru records mix cd
same amazing location as earlier years
close to Liège (Belgium), Maastricht (Netherlands), Aachen (Germany) and Luxembourg

2 km from the local train station of Vielsalm

Rue de Bonalfa
Vielsalm - Belgium
just drive until the end of the street, please drive slowly out of respect for the neighbours
Entry fee
Entry fee
Presale: 23€ + transaction costs, available online at this link: []
until July 01st
Doors: 30€ (plenty of tickets available)
Dacru Records
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