New Moon Winter Festival 17 Feb '18, 22:00
Party flyer: New Moon Winter Festival 17 Feb '18, 22:00
Fabio & Moon 2hr live act /Spintwist Records/ DE

ATMA lemezbemutató /BMSS records/ RO

Tropical Bleyage lemezbemutató /Dacru Records/ SR

Dohm live act /Forest Freaks/ LT

Main stage /Y-Production/
Fabio & Moon 2hr live act /Spintwist Records/ DE
GPG /Progsession crew/
Psyletzky /Y-Production/
Botond /Y-Production/
Dj Hruscsov /Y-Production/
Green Cosmos /Y-Production/

Fullon stage /Transylvaliens festival/
Psylev /Transylvaliens festival/ RO
ATMA lemezbemutató /BMSS records/ RO
Tropical Bleyage lemezbemutató /Dacru Records/ SR
Dj Ph /
Toge Enterrec /Y-Production/
Lygos /Transylvaliens festival/ RO

Forest & dark stage /Psychotria records/
Pollux b2b Zegotha
Chemical Spoon Paya /Psybaba records/
Dohm live /Forest Freaks/ LT
Comsat / CMST & Petar Sclerotium /Psychotria records/
Ikoza/Psychotria records/

Chill & ambient stage
22:00-23:30 Dorombal (Mantracadabra)
23:30-01:30 Digital Sunrise (Psychotria Records)
01:30-3:00 Benho (Psychotria Records)
3:00-5:00 Alphakey (Chily Team)
5:00-6:30 Bimbiri & Cabra (Selenium Team)
6:30-8:00 Mudassasi (Dharmatronic/Chily Team)

Belépés 18+
Elővételes jegyek 3000ft/3500ft már kaphatóak itt:
Bázis Store (Budapest 1072 Nagydiófa u 3)
Online jegyvásárlás itt:
Dürer Kert
Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21.
1146 Budapest
Entry fee
Y-Production · 645
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