NeverLand - Playground Episode 4

NeverLand - Playground Episode 4 20 May '17, 22:00
Party flyer: NeverLand - Playground Episode 4 20 May '17, 22:00
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Playground Episode 4 - Neverland

지금까지 경험하지 못했던 싸이키델릭, 'NEVERLAND'
더욱 다양해진 싸이키델릭 사운드, 데코레이션.. 그리고 VJing.
여러분들의 오감을 사로잡을 싸이키델릭한 밤을 놓치지마세요.

'NEVERLAND' The Psychedelic night never experienced,
Expanded psychedelic sounds, decoration and VJing..
Don't miss the PSYCHEDELIC night satisfying your five senses.


Ojima (Narsha International / S.Korea)
Koi (Playground, Magic Phangan Records / Thailand)
Zodiac (Melody Island / S.Korea)
Ssongg (Playground, Ban Sabaii / S.Korea)
jaHero (Happy Hippy Vibe / S.Korea)


astRA (Rara Media / S.Korea)


10000 KRW with one free drink
(No minor allowed. Please bring your photo ID.)

명월관 (Please search 'MWG' in Google.)

to be announced later

[Visual Design]
UG Design
마포구 와우산로19길 6-5
121-839 Seoul
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