NEURODAMAGE 13 Dec '08, 23:00
Party flyer: NEURODAMAGE 13 Dec '08, 23:00
Line Up
NEUROMOTOR Live PA + DJ set (Mechanik, Medusa / FRA)
Kristof (Akrobatik)
Cuich (AudioDevlish, DigitalAsylum)
Tyma (Dancing Dragon)
Kilgore Trout (Dancing Dragon)
Naveen (A.D., Night Oracle rec.)

artist info:
Neuromotor is Frederick Talaa, one of pioneers and beating hearts of the global psy-trance scene. He started his musical career already at the age of 12, playing the piano while living in the French Antilles. At this very young age he sensed already that his entire life would be about music majorly.

After his piano lessons he started as a dancer and singer in a local hip-hop group and this is where he got into mixing several sounds for the first time. Later on being caught by the sonic pumping of psychedelic trance he started to play with his DAT-recorders, starting in the Antilles with his first self-organized parties and later on all around the globe with almost no place worldwide unattended and steered up with his wild psychedelic mind-altering beats.

After the Antilles he leaves for Ibiza, to become the resident Dj of Khumaras in San Antonio under the name Thylan. He buys a studio on the island and decides to start composing his own music and this was the official birth of Neuromotor. His first album sold over 12.000 copies. Now he's just released his second storming album "Bloody Reality" on Acidance Records from Greece. He has started his own label under the name Mechaniks Sound Records, later to be changed to Mechanik Records which is currently working on a storming new compilation due to make major impact in the worldwide psy-trance scene. Lately Fred has also been experimenting with other styles of music and is producing a new fresh blend of psychedelic trance-beats mixed up with trip-hop grooves.

Stay tuned for new tricks to come from this old-skool and highly respected master of psychedelic sounds!
Club K4
Kersnikova 4
1000 Ljubljana
Entry fee
Entry fee
till 24h: 6 €
flyer, student: 8 €
others: 9 €
Audiodevlish & Dancing Dragon
Cuich · 1,309
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