Namasté - Secret Family Gathering

Caste 1: Psychedelic Trance
Kriya (Namasté, NL)
Nillis (Empathy, NL)
Tintal (Empathy, NL)
Saaf (Namasté, NL)
Bart (Namasté, NL)
Jibaro (Phantasm)

Caste 2: Clan of SPeace (Chill out /Ambient)
Resi (Space Dub, NL)
Bliepertronic (Clan of SPeace, NL)
Secret location details only via our Namasté Family mailing list! Subscribes will receive their route description ONLY PER E-MAIL, 2 days before the gathering.
Entry fee
Entry fee
10 Euro
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