Movement动作 x Shalanaya Prefestival Party · 21 Nov 2019 · Shanghai (China)


Movement动作 x Shalanaya Prefestival Party

Over: 2y 10m
Line Up
Line Up
Chakraview (IN)
Spirit and the Guide (IN)
Ancient Alias (ZA)
Singularity (DE)
For infos about the festival and tickets visit The Prefestival Party is free.

About Chakraview

"ChakraView in dub” is a project of the Indian producer/live act -Chakraview (shaveer). Having grown up listening to sound system reggae n dub sounds, the entire scape of the sound system culture left a huge impact on him.

This project aims to take its listeners through dub grooves coupled with ambient soundscapes and feel IRie! So let the Jah bless, get the sound space on and sway with Chakraview in Dub. Dub it, till he heals you.

About Spirit and the Guide

Spirit & the Guide is the Alternative Music project of PsyTrance duo “SCI-FLYERS”, consisting of Shanghai-based DJs and Producers SUN (BMSS Records) and One-Two (DarkMoonTempo).

With already plenty of international Live-Performances experience already on their shoulders, the Sci-Flyers have decided to broaden their musical horizons and explore new frequencies. Very much like the birth of the Sci-Flyers projects, Spirit & the Guide came to life after the two DJs were brought together by faith and necessity, performing their side projects in a variety of occasions and venues, and discovering that their synergy was being widely appreciated by the crowds they performed for.

They, therefore, decided to consolidate this new discovery into a proper new music project, bringing their LIVE elements and vision into other music genres.

About Ancient Alias

Ancient Alias describes his style as fluid, taking inspiration from many different genres and sounds, exploring music with strong atmospheric story-telling qualities. He attempts to take the listener on an immersive aural, cerebral and emotional journey. He believes that music is the transmutation of conscious inspiration, thought and idea into vibrational energetic waves, connecting us in an ocean of imagination, creation, feeling and expression.

About Singularity

Singularity is the DJ and producing project of Carmelito B. from Frankfurt, Germany. Entering the alternative electronic music scene in the early 2000s, he has greatly been inspired by the melodic sounds of Extrawelt and Dominik Eulberg and the more traditional house and techno beats of Sven Väth and Carl Cox. The result is a unique sound that creates a melancholic, emotional resonance while also making an impact on the dancefloor. He has since played in Clubs in Germany as well as Asia. In Shanghai, he is resident DJ, organizer and curator of the weekly Movement 动作 party series.
Address: 685 Dingxi Road, near West Yan'an Road. Metro Jiaotong University (Line 10) or West Yan'an Road.
地址: 定西路685号。地铁 交通大学站或延安西路站。

C's bar is located in the basement of Xinhua Commercial building (新华商务大楼). Go inside the building and take the stairs down to the bar.
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