Line Up
-Phobos (Looney Moon Record/Italy)
-Boom Shankar (BMSS/Solar United Natives/Germany)
-Apnea (Maharetta/Magic Phangan Record /Belgium)
-Sabaii Sabaii ( Spirit Zone/Thailand)
-Jacky (Moon Mountain/Thailand)
-Ton (BMSS/Full Moon /Thailand)
-Tommy Rocker (Full Moon /Thailand)
-Eddy Psykodomo (Moon Mountain/Thailand)
-Pzychobiz (Moon Mountain/Thailand)
-John Lee (Lost In Paradise/Purple Hexagon/Thailand )
-Suddha (Purple Hexagon /Sri Lanka)
-Radzy (Epic Tribe /BMSS/Malaysia)
-Dan Eben (Kandiszucker Kollektive/Germany)
-Turbulence (Purple Hexagon/Finland)
-Ambient Energy (Free Earth /Singapore )
-Trailoka (Hypnotique Record/UAE)
-Atoned Splendor (Goa Production /UK)
-SsongG (Playground/BanSabai/South Korea)
-Koi (Playground/Magic Phangan/Thailand)
Ordo Ab Chao (Sonic Loom Rec/Greece)
Mantis (Vive Noctem/Switzerland)
♡Full of love ♡Magic ♡Peace♡Hidden Location ♡Non commercial ♡Old School♡Always save one Drop of Water

Moon Mountain is one of the most authentic and longest running Psytrance underground parties in Thailand.
It's not a big event, but you will always find happy people. Family vibes is what we aim for! ♡


The journey starts on 14th February at 10:00am at the meeting point at Cha Fa Road in Bangkok, just a few steps from Kao Sarn Road. Check the link here: []
Bus ride from Bangkok to the location takes roughly 5 hours including one stop. Please make sure to be early at the meeting point as we follow the principle of "who comes first gets on board first". Buses will leave the meeting point latest at 11:00am. The buses return to Kao Sarn Road on Febuary 16th at roughly 8pm.

You can come on your own costs to the lake, but please keep in mind to be there on time and be aware that the entrance fee is the same, no matter if you ride with us or by yourself. Meaning, the bus ride is actually free, make use of it!
If you still wanna come on your own, please be at the meeting point in Kanchanaburi at either 12pm or 14pm on 14th February. We offer pick ups from the only one 7/11 Shop in Kanchanaburi, about 5 kilo meters before the entrance of Erawan Waterfall National Park. Meeting point is: []

If you would like to leave during the party, we can order you a boat taxi and taxi to Kanchanaburi town, but we hope you want to stay the whole time with


Make sure you bring enough cash with you as there are no ATMs on the boat and we don't accept credit card.
Though we have mattresses, blankets and pillow for you, you should take your warm clothes along with you as nights can get quite cold.
You may bring your own hammock / sleeping bag or tent with you if you prefer a certain level of privacy.
You can bring your own drinks / food along with you, but it would be great if you could support us by purchasing something from the bar and the kitchen to keep the organizers and DJs alive.
Mosquito replenish, Rolling papers, Lighters, Flashlight, Note book and pen for all your new friend contacts, toilet paper and of course your good vibes!


We offer a fully stocked bar and a fully stocked kitchen where you can enjoy authentic local Thai food and proper drinks. And we offer as well Vegetarian Thai food for all veggie lovers!


Do not expect a luxury bedroom or toilet. This is a party like in the good old days, we all just live with nature.
Rest well before coming to party as you need to be full power for dancing and swimming.
If you are allergic or need any special care tell us BEFORE you board the bus!
Trust me, bring only the things needed, less is more!


Tickets is 2,800THB, include the party, basic accomodation and the bus rides to and back to BKK.

Here are choices for u to purchase tickets

-from 15 January 2018 until 13 January 2018 ,Everyday from 13pm til 15pm Hotanaka Wattna Papa (just look for the guy with long grey hair) will be at Gecko Bar and you could purchase ticket with him
follow the link to see the map --> []

-at the night time from 9pm til mid night Hotanaka Wattna Papa will be around Minivan bus bar watching football in soi Rambutri. The bar is 200 metre or less from opposite site of Sawasdee hotel ,keep your eyes for the bar with minivan ,So u can find him there and get your ticket
follow the link to see the map --> []

-or if you won't be in BKK on any of that day please send me email at to booking your ticket and you could get your ticket at 14 February 2018 morning at 10am,just before jump on the shuttle bus follow the link to see the map -->


For more Info about tickets or if you need more information please contact us via our Facebook pages or drop us an email to

(+66) 081-5837566 (Jannipa)
(+66) 087-0876463 (Papa)

See you on our magic raft, we are looking forward to enjoy a Psychedelic Valentine day with you!
แพวันวาน กาญจนบุรี
71250 Kanchanaburi
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Entry fee
Moon Mountain Party
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