Moon Mountain (Late) Valentrance 2017 17 Feb '17, 10:00
Party flyer: Moon Mountain (Late) Valentrance 2017 17 Feb '17, 10:00
Line Up
***Line Up***

- Sababii Sabaii (Spirit zone Rec /Thailand)

-Boom Shankar (Bmss Recs/SUN festival/Germany)

- Jacky (Moon Mountain/ Thailand)

-Suddha (Purple Hexagon Recs/England)

-Radzy (Belantara/Epic Tribe/Bmss Recs/Malaysia)

-Ton (Tommy Resort/FMP-Thailand)

-Patt (F.M.P Tommy Resort – Thailand)

-TOMMY ROCKER (Thailand)

-KOI (Shiva Moon/Magic Phangan Records/Thailand)

-K.O.B. (Magic Phangan Records/Thailand)

-Eddy psycodomo (Moon mountain/TH)

-Pzychobiz (Moon Mountain /Thailand)

-John Lee ( Lost project / Purple Hexagon recs )

-SSONGG (Playground,Ban Sabaii/S.Korea)

-Trailoka (Hypnotique Recordings/UAE)

-Prefix(Psynopticz/South Africa)

-Soniya (Earthfest Revolution/Taiwan)

-By the rain (Epic tribe/BMSS Recs /Turkey)

-Tryptalife (Pixan/ namaste records/New Caledonia)

-Furzy Pan (Free earth/France)
Moon Mountain is one of the best psytrance party in Thailand,
its not a big party but always full of happy people.

The journey start from meeting point at Cha fa road, on 24 Dec 2016, (its only a few step walk from Famous Kaosarn road) seen on the map in the link


(first come first get seat on the bus)
(the bus would leave before 11 AM make sure you won't miss it) then we all take bus together.
They journey take about 5 hours with 1 stop.
The return bus on 19 Febuary 2017 will arrive back in BKK around 8pm.

Make sure you bring enough cash money there is no ATM and we don't accept credit card.

Please note "we offer you guys a free shuttle bus(s)from bkk to the party venue,which it leave around 10.30-11.00am.

-Meeting point in Kanchanaburi on 17 Febuary 2017
you also can travel on you own to Kanchanaburi province and meet us at the meeting point
We do have Taxi pick up from The only one 7/11 shop ,about 5 kilo meters before entrance of Erawan waterfall National park.
taxi departure at 12pm and 14 pm, or on the call, taxi cost 150THB
follow the map to see the meeting point ---> []

in case anyone wonder how much does it cost for transportion ,this and that if you travel on your own!
- Minivan (minivan departure every 1 hour) from Southern bus terminal or Victory monument cost 150 THB
-taxi from kanchanaburi town to the party place (to Sri-sa-wat district ,its out of Kanchanaburi town about over 100kilo M.) taxi cost 1'200thb or you can get it cheaper,depend on your bargain skills.(travel as a groups is cheaper for sharing)
-Local Bus from Kanchanaburi town to Erawan Waterfall National park it take 1.30-2hours,slow bus and the driver would stop all the way,bus from the Kanchanaburi terminal to Erawan departure at >>> 08.00 - 08.50 - 09.50 - 10.45 - 11.50 - 13.30 - 15.00 - 16.20 - 17.40 the ticket is 50 THB ,more info for bus at []
-taxi boat from the pier to party 500thb
and for the party fee"

if you would to leave during the party,we can order boat taxi+Taxi to Kanchanaburi town for you..which it cost around 1700-1500 THB(depend on your bargain skill)
(500 thb for the boat to the pier,1200-1000 for the taxi from the pier to Kanchanaburi city,this price same for single travel and group travel )
-or Boat to pier (500THB for boat) and then take taxi(150THB for taxi) to Erawan Waterfall to take Local Bus.
-Local bus form Erawan waterfall to Kanchanaburi town departure at 05.40 - 06.20 - 07.00 - 8.00 - 10.00 - 12.00 - 14.00 - 15.00 - 16.30 every 50 mins, 50 THB

-Though we have Mattress,blankets and pillow for you.. but maybe you better take your warm clothes along with you.
-You may bring your own hammock
-You can bring your own drinks/food along with you but it would be great if you buy something from the bar to keep the organizers and djs alive...
-Mosquito replenish.
-Rolling papers.
-Make sure you bring more than 1 lighters.( isn't it annoying to keep ask other people for lighter?/ or someone take your lighter)
-Note book + pen to note down your new friend e-mails.
-Toilet papers
and up to u but always bring your good spirit with you.

*REMARK for all the Vegetarians, even we cook Vegetarian food but its something simple such as Stir fried mixed vegetables,vegetable soup,vegetable fried rice. so it's might not be what you fancy, or bring your own food.

-Do not expect for luxury bedroom or toilet.we all just live with nature.
-Rest well before coming to party.(as you need to be full power for dancing and swimming)
-If you are allergic or need any special care tell us BEFORE ( we will give papa to take care of you)
- Trust me bring only the things needed.

Ticket Info

Gate Price 2'800 THB

-from 10 January 2017 Everyday from 13pm til 15pm Hotanaka Wattna Papa will be at Gecko Bar and you could purchase ticket with him
follow the link to see the map --> []

-at the night time from 9pm til mid night Hotanaka Wattna Papa will be around Minivan bus bar watching football in soi Rambutri. The bar is 200 meter or less from opposite site of Sawasdee hotel ,keep your eyes for the bar with minivan ,So u can find him there and get your ticket

follow the link to see the map --> []

-or if you won't be in Bkk on any of that day you could get your ticket on 17 febuary , morning at 10am, follow the link to see the map -->
[] the meeting point before taking the shuttle bus (but please send me email at so i could know how many people coming and arrange the buses+rafts)


For more Info about tickets or if you need more information please send email to my facebook or at

see you soon!
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Entry fee
Entry fee
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