Monkey Krew presents: "Special Guest Dj Juggler" · 20 Oct 2018 · The Hague (Netherlands)


Monkey Krew presents: "Special Guest Dj Juggler"

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Monkey Krew are proundly to presents...

☆ ☆ ☆ Psytrance Special Guest "Dj Juggler" ☆ ☆ ☆

Doors open 23:00

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> Dj Juggler (United Beats Records / Locobot) - DjSet

> JUGGLING (United Beats Records / Locobot) - Live Act




Pedro Gaspar's musical career as a DJ started in 1999, when he began to play regularly in the PsyTrance parties of that time.
Since then, he has worked with many different labels such as, Utopia Records, Boa Group Booking to name just a few, but now, he's signed to United Beats Records ([], one of the world leading labels of this genre, aswell to Locobot Records ([].
He started his adventure in the production fields in 2008, with his solo project Juggling ([] and with Tech Twist, together with xenzodiak ([].
His music can be described as a mixture between morning full-on and Psy Trance, with lots of energetic rhythms and uplifting leads, always with a “dancefloor groove” on it.
Until this moment, Juggling released lots of original tracks for some of the best labels in the PsyTrance scene, like United Beats Records, Locobot Records, Global Army Music, Mainstage Records, CRYSTAL MATRIX RECORDS, Geomagnetic, BioMechanix Records, Code Vision records, Digital Drugs Coalition, Womb Records, UP!NOIZE Records, Side Wave Records, Panmusic Records, Goa Records, Woorpz Rec, Popol Vuh Records, {psy.ology}, Suburban Sound Recordings, Magnitud Records, aswell as remixes and versus tracks with some of the biggest names in our scene, like MAD MAXX, Phanatic, XSI, Didrapest, Freaked Frequency, SynSUN, D_Maniac, BIONIX, Block Device, BPM (Psychedelic Trance Project) to name just a few...he compiled aswell 4 best sellers compilations - “Party Smart” together with MAD MAXX for United Beats Records, “Lisbon Calling” on Geomagnetic, “Freaky Fiction 7 Years” on Magnitud Records and “Engage the Noise” on CRYSTAL MATRIX RECORDS.
He was nominated for 3 consecutive years as the BEST PORTUGUESE PSYTRANCE DJ in the well known forum Elastik Tribe (
Since 2009 he makes the Freaky Fiction @ Europa weekly parties in Europa Club, in the center of Lisbon, where he brought already some of the most well known artists of the Global Psytrance scene to play.
In 2013 he gave some workshops in NEXTDJ, one of the leading music production courses in Portugal.
At this time, he has played at major festivals and parties around the world, like Freedom Festival in Portugal, Full Moon Festival in Germany, Life Festival on Ireland, Green Trippin Camp Festival in Azores Islands, Heron Festival in Belgium, Waha Festival in Romania, HannaHanna Festival in Slovakia, Blackmoon Festival in Italia, Misticky Les Festival in Czech Republic, Connection Festival in Spain, Spiritual Healing Festival in Germany, Space Pirates Revolution Festival in France, Fullmoon Beach Festival on Netherlands, Insomnia Festival in Portugal to name just a few...he played often too in AMERICA (Brazil, Mexico and Usa), AFRICA (Morocco and Cape Verde), ASIA (India, China, Philippines, Thailand, Dubai and Russia) and EUROPE (Portugal, Azores Islands, Spain, Ibiza, Canary Islands, Maiorca Island, Poland, Slovenia, France, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Madeira Island, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Iceland, Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Norway, Malta, Romania, Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Denmark and Serbia).
For a near future, you can expect Juggling debut album, as well as a lot of killer Live Acts in the biggest festivals and parties around the globe.

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>Dj Psykoaktive (Monkey Krew / Magistrat)



Hugo Ribeiro aka Dj Psykoaktive born in Lisbon but working and living in Holland, begin his interest about psytrance when he went to his first psychedelic party in January of 2004, discovering a new and fascinating world, Psytrance Environment..... After this party join the Buddha Mantra Organization and start to adquiring knowledge about psytrance, the music, decoration and all things related with it. He meet a lot of new friends, producers and Dj's, start to love music, mixing and playing with it..... In 2005 play's for the first time but using computer and Traktor Dj Studio, and felt a great sensation and discover a new paixon, the art of mixing..... In 2005 goes to Holland and start to play in some parties organized by Shut up and dance, Trance Mafia, EarthDance Festival and others private parties showing is Portuguese Fullonic Style, in the end of 2008 create and start with Joao Ferreira Aka DJ Bitan Bizarro a new Psytrance Event Organization located in Den Haag, Holland, called "Ritmik State Org." with a objective of trying to improve,explore and making something diferent in Dutch Psy Culture, but to many divergent ideas make him abandon his initial project... but his dream dont stopped, in the same year he create and begin "Kosmic Fusion" with his partner Bruno Granja aka HighLowSound, starting one of the best psytrance event organization of Nederland.... created also a private and underground tribe called "Monkey Krew" but because familiar and personal issues he need to stay away from his dream.... But.... in 2013 he return for his roots and come more "Aktive" then never, starting playing again and doing what he likes.... in 2016 he put "Monkey Krew" on again and started making monthly psyparties in the best underground club from Den Haag called "Magistrat Club"....
2018 is a year full of new oportunities and expectations of this project to be continued...........

Stay tunned!!!

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