Mind Expanders · 1 Jan 2008 · Dublin (Ireland)

Mind Expanders

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Chromatone (Vaporvent Record) USA

Chromatone is L. Hoffman, a San Francisco native who has been producing electronic music for well over a decade. Working as a professional audio consultant, producer, engineer, he is also doing mastering for many labels with a growing list of clients. A local favorite in San Francisco, Chromatone has Surprised countless audiences around the globe, with his buoyant energy, brilliant beats, and positive vibes. Highlights include Surround Sound Live at Burning Man Festivals 2003 + 2005, and Boom Festivals Portugal 2004 + 2006, Full Moon Germany 2005 + 2006, ZOOM 2004 and Time Gate 2007 Switzerland, and many other appearances during a constant 2 year tour in Europe. Working in partnership with Cyril (owner of Vaporvent Records), Chromatone has made 2 impressive Vaporize compilations and an album Chromaconnection, featuring collaborations with favorite famous acts. The Legendary Mechanik Castle double Cd was one of his landmark productions containing 8 trax from Chromatone and he did the entire mix and masterings for all 18 songs. New Chromatone trax and projects will appear on Hot Trance labels Like Spanish Spun, Nutek,and Materia rec. and others like Time Code, Noise Poison, and Fractal records. While the new Project of L. Hoffman "MORPHONIX" brings to Vaporvent a revolutionary new "Psy Breaks" album in 2007. Through deeply spiritual and emotional connections to his music and an intrinsic understanding of audio manipulation, Chromatone has become one of the most powerful emerging voices in Psytrance today. His masterful employment of intricate sound-scapes and multi-textured layers take listeners on journey after epic journey through the uncharted territories of the mind.
Psylock (Tribal Movement) -Ireland
Icarus (Myth) -Ireland
Haryom (Mind Expanders) Iran [myspace.com]
Mitsu (muzzo) -Poland
Club Karma
Fishamble Street
End of Temple bar
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Entry fee
10 Euro before eleven and 12 after
Mind Expanders
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