Mimesis CLUB - January w/ FILTERIA & Morphic Resonance

Party flyer: Mimesis CLUB - January w/ FILTERIA & Morphic Resonance 12 Jan '18, 23:30
Party flyer: Mimesis CLUB - January w/ FILTERIA & Morphic Resonance 12 Jan '18, 23:30
★ FILTERIA [live!] ★ Suntrip Records ★ SWE ★

★ MORPHIC RESONANCE [live!] ★ Suntrip Records ★ CAT ★

★ CELS MIMESIS [live!] ★ Mimesis ★

★ CÉSAR MIMESIS ★ Suntrip Records ★

★ BAHR MIMESIS ★ Mimesis ★
Mimesis - Psychedelic Art
After a huge success on the two first editions, we focus on the third commited to make another step forward in all the ways...

...and you must prepare good, cause for January's Mimesis CLUB we invited the master and creator of the newschool Goa, respected by the old and the new artists and organizers of any style as one of the most relevant person of the story of this scene... he's the one and only...


And as his visit deserves, we prepared a truly amazing Goa-focused lineup for the ocassion, and thought there'll be no better invited for it than the future of this style which arises in our own home... MORPHIC RESONANCE!! ♥

And of course the lineup is completed with our full resident team, celebrating also the first Nitzho live of CELS MIMESIS on our Club and the first closing of CÉSAR MIMESIS!
And to introduce the night BAHR MIMESIS who never disappoint :)

So... as said... GET READY, cause 12th January will be another night to remember!
C/ Almogàvers, 86-88, 08018 Barcelona

<M> Marina (L1)
Entry fee
► Before 1:30h ; 12€ long drink included.

► After 1:30h ; 15€ long drink included.
Mimesis - Psychedelic Art
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