Mimesis CLUB - Festa d'Inauguració! 10 Nov '17, 01:00
Party flyer: Mimesis CLUB - Festa d'Inauguració! 10 Nov '17, 01:00
Line Up
★ D-MANIAC [live!] ★ Global Army Music ★ PT ★

★ NEBULA MELTDOWN [live!] ★ Suntrip Records ★ FI ★

★ CÉSAR MIMESIS ★ Suntrip Records ★

★ BAHR MIMESIS ★ Mimesis ★
Mimesis - Psychedelic Art
And as promised, right after finishing the summer tour of decorations we finally announce something we've been waiting for since years...

Probably many of you realized how hard is to find regular psychedelic underground parties inside Barcelona (with good public transport options), and even more on weekends... we’ve been many time of looking for places, meetings... and after so much research, at beginning of this year we finally found the perfect place, a really historical club of Barcelona willing to giving us the opportunity to generate a monthly concept during next season...

So we started working on it, and since March we closed all the dates, all the artists, all the plane tickets... can you imagine how hard have been to keep it secret till now?? ^^

The only we have left is to name it, and as we'll transform completely the place for this events with our decoration + a full lightning concept to generate a unique experience we decided that will not be just named as an event inside a club... what we're introducing you is our space:


And now, finally we can tell you the date of the big opening: 10th November!!! that's right, just one month from today… :D

Hope you are as excited as us and come to celebrate and live a strong experience together...

More info soon at the event :) we can advance you that for the inauguration we have ready 2 big live acts of 2 different styles, who have in common that played in some of the bigger festivals in the world, as Boom Festival f.e. :P

C/ Almogàvers, 86-88, 08018 Barcelona

<M> Marina (L1)
Entry fee
Entry fee
► Before 1:30h ; 12€ long drink included.

► After 1:30h ; 15€ long drink included.
Mimesis - Psychedelic Art
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