Military Secret II. · 5 Sep 2009 · Budapest (Hungary)

Party Flyer Military Secret II. 5 Sep '09, 22:00
Party Flyer Military Secret II. 5 Sep '09, 22:00
21:00 - Oleg
00:00 - Dolphin
02:00 - Lucid Sound LIVE
04:00 - Maitreya LIVE
05:00 - Adam & Szamy

Visual : Trixx Deko

21:00 - Klime
23:00 - Synus0006
00:30 - Maks
02:00 - AVI (Tégla+FND)
03:00 - Zefyr & Kontrast
04:30 - Isu
06:00 - Kalt

Visual : Avimpulse

21:00 - Placid
00:00 - Rovar 17 LIVE
01:00 - Prell LIVE
02:00 - Full Logic LIVE
03:00 - Radak LIVE
04:00 - Hakabá & Oxybion

Visual : Full Logic, Nano

21:00 - Dr. Analog & Gumilap
00:00 - Cadik
02:00 - Ozon
04:00 - Bal
06:00 - Alkemizt
he idea of the upcoming event called Hadititok (MILITARY SECRET) busted out of the imagination of four well-known party organizing teams in symbiosis. This will be the second part of this event.

Its primary aim is to stop a gap by creating and reconsidering the renascence of a milieu what can be remembered from the bygone by those lucky ones who are still yearning for it with nostalgia since then. Our purpose is not just restricted for this occasion, our intention is to recreate these events at various places by time to time where the most colourful palette of the brand new electronic music styles is mixed with visual effects, with the really unreal word of the illusion like impulses which turns to be a perfect audiovisual attraction by being spiced with different performances and theatrical elements.

Our first event takes place at an area which used to be previously a Russian shooting-range over Kamaraerd and is functioning as an air soft field at present. Seeing the scene for the first sight gives you an orgasm like joy. Burnt out, ruinous watchtowers; sheds, barrack-rooms dotted with abandoned automobiles surrounded by a perfectly unique artificial bush labyrinth. This night this atmosphere which is already special in itself will be turned to be a utopian and futuristic fable by the visual solutions and sound technological elements.

The date of the party is the second apropos of the event. That weekend stands for the summer solstice of 2009 and had a rather big significance in the ancient cultures. People used to celebrate the permanent cyclic change of nature that day with full of euphoria at palatial rituals ended up in ecstatic dancing what is quite similar to the open air raves of nowadays. This also gives actuality to the upcoming event.

Have fun & be aware: this is a military secret!


Address: Kamaraerdei út, Tétényi fennsík

By car:
Go from Sasadi út along the old to road to Balaton (M7) and after passing the statue park take the first right at Dózsa György út then turn right again at the following opportunity to Kamaraerdei út and go further 500 meters.

Guarded car park available with limited space but here we would like to ask you to come by the FREE of charge party buses if possible!

GPS: +47'25'32.74"N +18'58'41.86"E

By public transportation:
Take tram number 41 at Moszkva tér and come as far as the destination: Kamaraerdei Ifjúsági Park from where you should go on foot uphill following the signs which will take you here in a 15-20-minute long walk.

You can come from Kosztolányi Dezs tér by bus number 187 as far as its destination: Kamaraerdei Ifjúsági Park then take a 10 minute long walk upwards on Kamaraerdei út.

Bus number 87A starts from Kosztolányi Dezs tér, get off at the destination (Kamaraerdei Ifjúsági Park) then walk 10 minutes up to the hill.

Coming by bus number 87 from Kosztolányi Deozs tér you should get off at Dulo út then a 3 minute long walk will take you to the entrance.

Departures: 21:00, 21:29, 22:00, 22:29.

By party bus:

Running from 21:00pm to 04:00am in every 30th minute starting from the market hall at Fehérvári út (location: where the Budai Skála used to be previously, at the destination of tram number 4).

Entry fees:

from: 10th of Aug: the first one hundred tickets are for
1500 HUF in subscription!!!

After this: 2000 HUF

At the entrance: 2500 HUF

Tickets available at AKTRECORDS: IBudapest 1066 Lovag u.17 Telefon: +36 1 269 31 34
Nyitvatartás: H-P 12h-19h, Sz 12h-16h

Tel: 06-1-215-96-92
GPS: +47'25'32.74"N +18'58'41.86"E
Tetenyi fennsik, at Buda
Sound Styles
Entry fees:

from: 10th of Aug: the first one hundred tickets are for
1500 HUF in subscription!!!

After this: 2000 HUF

At the entrance: 2500 HUF
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