METACORE Festival Teaser INDIA by Union Hofmann Records

METACORE Festival Teaser INDIA by Union Hofmann Records 4 May '19, 19:00
Party flyer: METACORE Festival Teaser INDIA by Union Hofmann Records 4 May '19, 19:00
Line Up
☫ Bolon Yokte (4 Hr LIVE)
(Popul Vuh Records) Mexico

☫ Psymind
(Voodoo Hoodoo/Twisted Mind/Union Hofmann Records)

☫ Martian De
(Voodoo Hoodoo Records)

☫ Illegalteknix
(Union Hofmann Records)

☫ Eye
(Union Hofmaann Records)
Deco- Neural Network

Visuals - Imix Jaguar

Flyer by: Dolan MinDelve
Metacore Festival will have the last teaser in Mama India by Union Hofmann Records! This sacred gathering will be on the holy mountains of Tamil Nadu in Ooty INDIA! 4 hours Bolon Yokte special live set and than Psymind, Martian De, Illegalteknix, Eye will bring the sound for the ritual!
Thanx to Union Hofmann Records also Popol Vuh Records and the artists for their support to make this killer event happen! Dont miss this special gathering!!!



Metacore Festival organized by The Dark Code and Metacortex Records will take place between the dates of 5 – 9 June 2019 in Turkey!
We invite music lovers to this off-center, extraordinary gathering, with a line-up from the edges of Darkpsy and experimental. In this ritual that will take 5 days with 30 live acts and 20 dj performances, the sonic Funktion One stage will be set up by Amygdala. Sound System & Solutions that will also allow us to listen different types of Darkpsy with Producers and Djs from all around the world. Don’t miss this killer festival!!


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GoaBase: METACORE 2019 5 - 9 Jun '19 · Festival · Antalya, Turkey Line Up: ♮ LIVE ACTS ♮ ✺ SECTIO AUREA ≜〔CH〕 〔 Sectio Aurea / Argot Digamma / Anficlavis 〕 ♬ ✺ PLANKTON ≜〔CH〕 〔 Anomalistic Recor...
Loc: Antaly TURKEY More info about location coming soon!
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Tamil Nadu in Ooty INDIA!
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