•ॐ• ๑ MERAKI ๑ •ॐ•

Party flyer: •ॐ• ๑ MERAKI ๑ •ॐ• 18 Nov '17, 21:30
Party flyer: •ॐ• ๑ MERAKI ๑ •ॐ• 18 Nov '17, 21:30
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• DHARMA (Looney Moon Rec.) | IT
- fb.com/Dharma-Looney-Moon-Rec-292608417514357/
- soundcloud.com/pigiu

• HU GADAM (Banyan Rec.)
- fb.com/Hu-Gadam-Banyan-records-165178883523616/
- fb.com/markus.a.kos
- fb.com/BANYAN-RECORDS-297056713652991/

• FLOWWOLF - !! LIVESET !! - (Hi-Psy Collective)
- fb.com/FlowwolF-1054097304658909/
- soundcloud.com/flowvwolf

• PRAKUSH (Jaya The Ultimate Goa Experience)
- fb.com/prakushmusic/
- fb.com/jayatheultimategoaexperience

• LIQUIDSOUND (Headroom Productions)
- soundcloud.com/liquidsound-4
- fb.com/liquidsound0austria/

• TRIPDAEUS (Jaya The Ultimate Goa Experience)
- fb.com/Tripdaeus/
- soundcloud.com/tripdaeus

• MINDFLIP (Muckepack)
- fb.com/mindflipmusic/
- soundcloud.com/mindflipmusic
JAYA Decorations
Namaste, dear Friends • Fraggles & Fairies!

▬▬▬▬▬ॐ•ॐ• m e r a k i •ॐ•ॐ▬▬▬▬▬
ॐ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ॐ
▎It means the essence of yourself that you put
▎into your work.
▎It is leaving a part of yourself in your work.
▎It is putting yourself – your soul –
▎into what you’re doing, whatever it may be.
▎It is doing things with passion
▎It is putting your soul, love and creativity
▎into everything you do.

Jaya feiert Geburtstag & blickt mit einer ordentlichen Portion psychedelic Trance auf die letzen Jahre zurück.
Unser lieber Peter (Peter Liquidsound Niedermayr) geht bald auf Reisen.

Zwei gute Gründe um gemeinsam zu feiern!


• nice price
• Chai
• original Flöten-Baguettes
Böllerbauer Initiative Kulturvogel
Salaberg 32, 3350 Haag
Entry fee
Einlass ab 18 Jahren!

ENTRY: 12€
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