Party flyer: MEKKANIKKA TWISTED KALA 17 May '13, 19:00
Party flyer: MEKKANIKKA TWISTED KALA 17 May '13, 19:00
ॐॐ MEKKANIKKA (Spain) Live ॐॐ

Mekkanikka is back, with a vengeance! After months of touring the world with his last album, California Dreaming, Mekkanikka felt the force run through him! With the power of his mind, he conjured up some dancefloor mayhem to fight the forces of mediocrity. Some Jedi Tricks he created for the universal right to dance your mind away. He brings a new heavier and intense sound his time around. With more than a few tricks up his sleeves, he’ll have you dancing in no time! A foresight of more to come next year!

This is definitely the music you’re looking for! The title tracks starts it off and we’re on a trip of epic proportions. You hit the ground running, we’re going fast and we’re not stopping for anything! This is the high jump, the mind bender and the force push all at once. This is a trick for the Jedi masters of this world. The clean of mind and of pure soul. It all builds up to an explosion of your whole being. You are the force of the world.

Mekkanikka teams up next with long-time friend Mad Maxx to bring you to a place where the unreal becomes reality, This is where Dreams Take Over. Let your mind wander the dreamscape and your body will follow suit. It’s heavy and steady. It’s dangerous but your guides will lead you through this other world. The night sets in and the stars shine through. This will keep the clouds at bay.

Mekkanikka is back! California Dreaming? That dream took over and has brought you in space where Jedi tricks are the norm. A new reality has set in, and Mekkanikka holds the controls. More is coming, and it’s just perfect that way.



ॐॐ TWISTED KALA (Portugal) Live ॐॐ

Twisted Kala ( Lycantrop Rec, Popol Vuh Rec, Disco Valley Rec,, A.M.M, Goan Mantra rec,Raag Taal Rec, Urban Antidote Rec, Ohm Ganesh Pro Rec) is KARINE PETIAU. She was born in france, and lives in Portugal and Goa, India.
Her first approach to music was through psycho and punk sounds, Hard Core and Drum and Bass .....
She spent 10 years learning piano and classical music theory at Montpellier’s conservatory in France.
She’s been producing on Cubase for the last 5 years....
To her, Dancing, listening to music… active meditation.....…meditation being the place where you become aware of your connection with the universe , with the “whole”, any living thing.
She spent over the last 10 years dancing all over the world on psy-trance music.....
Today She enjoy using her sound to embark people onto deep journeys within themselves ...She has played in various places such as India, Asia, Europe, Russia......
She has been sharing the scene with internationals artists such as (Kindzadza, Mubali, Psykosky, Orestis, Zik, Egnogra, Dark Helf, Mussy Moody, jahbo, Teo Disco Valley Rec, DJ Corious, Ajja, Papiyan, Athriom,E.V.P, Kaos, Arjuna, Malice in Wonderland, Phobos Azazel, Dronebixie, Laughing Boudha, Tristan, E - Clip, Digital talk, Shawnodese mind funk, Mad Max........).
She has a deep twisted night style.....:)
Released :
- VA V/A "Hikuri Spirits" , Popol Vuh Rec (2013)
- VA Transmutation / Biomechanix Rec (10/2012)
- VA Back to Pirates / World Poeple Production (07/ 2012)
- VA Loomination / Sonic Loom Rec (07/ 2012)
- V.A Sonic Deepness / Zero Gravity Rec (07/ 2012)
- VA Alchemy, Atoms Music (04/2012)
- VA The Crystal Mountain, Burning Trip Records, (03/2012)
- VA Spiritual sciences, Active Meditation Music (2/02/2012)
- ' Louves', Lycantrop Rec (split album with Yara, Labrini and Nasha), !....
- VA The Dark Album, Brain Collaps Rec (02/2012)
- VA Computer Language, Madness Development Rec (09/2011)
- VA Gaggalacka (1/08/2011) Mind Expansion Music
- VA Psyculture 2 (2011).
- Goan mantra Rec: goa vibration (2010)
- VA Tandava dance (2010) , Active Meditation Music.
- Twisted K- holographic brain / EP/ active meditation music (2010)


Venue : Themis,Garden of 5 Senses,Saket

Gates Open at 7 P.M. Friday Evening

Entry Strictly by Guest List...

Contact us :
+91-8130529128 | 9958948073 | 8860278125 | 9999249111 | 9899011459
Opening Acts :

> PsyTech (Delhi)


>SILENT NOISE (Bengaluru)

Decor :


Sumit Lamba:+91-8130529128
Abhishek Nayer:9958948073
Entry fee
1000 INR
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